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The nights are getting lighter, the temperatures are improving, and the daffodils are beggining to bloom, spring is most definitely on it's way and brand new for Spring/Summer 2019 we have launched our new Inspire Riding Tights.

Despite the heavy rain and wind some of us have been experiencing these last few days spring is just around the corner, and so many of us are thinking about updating our wardrobes, getting rid of those old socks; you know the ones with the holes in, the breeches that just won't wash up clean anymore and maybe that old faithful competition jacket that has done just one too many seasons.

Mother's Day is just around the corner and we have pulled together five of our favourites from the Equetech ranges that could help you put a smile on Mum's face this Mothering Sunday.

If you've owned horses for any length of time the chances are you've had to deal with a horse with colic or you know someone who has. Colic can...

We have all done it, got to a competition, maybe even running late, and we have started looking for something we 'need' only to realise we have left it at home! Often we can find someone parked up nearby that is kind enough to lend us whatever it is we have forgotten to pack, sometimes it's a quick last minute dash to the on site tack room, but don't get caught short again - check out our list of 20 essentials every Horsebox should have packed in it!

Choosing the right showing attire is more than just it looking good, you need to look good and feel good in order to really be able to perform...

Here at Equetech we are in love with our range of brand new novelty t-shirts, why not bring some fun to your wardrobe with one of your own!

Brand new for 2019 we have launched two jackets in one!

A gilet can be a perfect addition to any equestrian wardrobe and here are our top three reasons why a gilet should be a staple in your wardrobe!

40% of the Equetech products are guaranteed to be British.

Liz Hayman Managing Director here at Equetech tell's us:

"It is very important to keep British manufacturing alive and to not see the skills die out. We should protect our industry and to ensure we buy British, keeps the economy alive".