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Choosing the right showing attire is more than just it looking good, you need to look good and feel good in order to really be able to perform...

Here at Equetech we are in love with our range of brand new novelty t-shirts, why not bring some fun to your wardrobe with one of your own!

Brand new for 2019 we have launched two jackets in one!

A gilet can be a perfect addition to any equestrian wardrobe and here are our top three reasons why a gilet should be a staple in your wardrobe!

40% of the Equetech products are guaranteed to be British.

Liz Hayman Managing Director here at Equetech tell's us:

"It is very important to keep British manufacturing alive and to not see the skills die out. We should protect our industry and to ensure we buy British, keeps the economy alive".

With 2019 fast approaching, it's the perfect time to update your equestrian wardrobe and we have 5 ideas to do just that. What's more these top picks won't break the bank either, as you can bag yourself these perfect picks for less than £20 each!

Mud Fever is a common term used to describe an infection of the skin found mainly in the lower legs of our horses. As the name suggests, this infection caused by bacteria or fungal organisms, also known as pastern dermatitis, is more likely to occur during wet and muddy conditions. The recent wet weather has created muddy fields and most horse owners will start to worry that the dreaded mud fever might make an appearance. However, mud isn't the only cause of mud fever.

The temperatures are dropping and feeling cold from your head to your toes can make your trips to the yard just that little bit less enjoyable - thankfully you don't need to suffer the cold thanks to the Winter collection from Equetech.

Today is the last day to get your orders in for Custom XC colours in order to have them delivered to you in time for Christmas.

Christmas is fast approaching, if you are stuck for ideas, check out some of our favourites bit of glamour from the Equetech ranges.