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Lets face it; we have all been there, gone to the yard straight from work, changed into our jodhpurs, thrown on a jumper that we have found in the boot of our car, tacked up to ride, and within ten minutes of being in the saddle are hit with the dreaded " boob bounce" or worse still find out that rather small thong you opted for that morning just isn't quite as comfy as you had hoped!

A perfect description for the Equetech Chalgrove Micro Gilet. It's a perfect fashion statement for the fashion-conscious equestrian looking for something a little different to add to their equestrian wardrobe.

With the snow making its second major appearance this winter, here our top five winter essentials for every equestrian. Whether you compete every weekend, or a leisure rider, these products are a must this season!

Technical layers are particularly important for your base layering, offering breathable and wicking properties. Wearing thinner multiple layers is easy to remove and put back on and won't make you look like 'Michelin Man'!

British Manufacturing has recorded its highest level of output in 10 years, with latest data showing November as the seventh consecutive month to show expansion. This welcomed growth has been driven by a stronger global demand of UK products, rising commodity prices and a weaker pound. In certain market sectors the UK is renowned for innovation and design and with a strong heritage steeped in traditional practices, unequalled quality. Based in Buckinghamshire, Equetech strives to support British Manufacturing ensuring quality products for the discerning equestrian. Over 40% of the equestrian clothing range and equestrian accessories range is manufactured here within the UK. Equetech's entire specialist underwear range;

Mud Fever is a common term used to describe an infection of the skin found mainly in the lower legs of our horses. As the name suggests, this infection caused by bacteria or fungal organisms, also known as pastern dermatitis, is more prevalent during wet and muddy conditions. As most parts of the UK are currently experiencing incredibly wet weather, which has created horribly muddy turnout fields, most horse owners will have a mud fever worrying nag at the back of their minds. However, mud isn't the only cause of mud fever.

Common Causes of Mud Fever

Washing your horses legs too often and not drying them

Standing for prolonged periods in deep mud or water.

If you've owned horses for any length of time the chances are you've had to deal with a horse with colic. This much dreaded condition can affect horses at any time of year but it does seem to be more prevalent during the winter months. This is mainly due to three things; reduced water intake, reduced movement and increased feeding of concentrates.

Here are a few tips to help reduce your horse's risk of colic over the winter months.

  • Always have fresh water available. An average sized horse needs to drink about 6-12 gallons of water a day as this helps keep the intestinal tract moving and therefore reduces the risk of impaction. So, how do we encourage our horse to drink during the cold weather? Horses are most likely to drink whilst eating hay or shortly after

The countdown is on! Who hasn't started their Christmas shopping? Who's starting to panic that they haven't finished their Christmas shopping? Who doesn't have a clue what to get their horsey friend, family member or special someone? Panic no more, Equetech will definitely have the ideal gift to suit all tastes, ages and budgets. For small gifts, Equetech's in vogue scrunchies, classic in design or beautifully blingy stock pins teamed with one of our complimenting stocks always make up a stunning gift set or as individual gifts, great stocking fillers. Our British made specialist range of equestrian underwear and winter, performance or everyday socks are a more suitable option than other high street stores mandatory Christmas socks and underwear gifts! For those that like to travel but still love an equestrian theme, our Bridles Collection;

As Christmas approaches, some of us love to add a personal touch to the gifts we send, a thoughtful gift is often better received than a lavish one. For inspiration on equestrian and country lifestyle custom gifts, cushions and clothing, please visit Equetech, be quick though as the last date for custom orders is the 11th December! If you are looking for a special gift for the young people whose excitement over Christmas is contagious, Equetech has personalised Unicorn themed drawstring bags and Personalised Unicorn Christmas Santa sacks. The Personalised Unicorn Drawstring Bags are the perfect gift, measuring 40cm x 28cm, they are ideal for school and sleep overs where the mystical printed unicorn can watch over all the goodies! The Personalised Christmas Santa Unicorn Sack is the perfect gift for your child this Christmas, a fantastic bag to store stocking fillers and Christmas gifts.

Only 21 more shopping days and 3 weekends to go! Some amongst us are more organised with little shopping left to do but others haven't even started! Whichever category you fall into, one thing is for certain we never forget to buy presents for our beloved four legged furries. So if you are looking for a special gift for your special and deserving horse, Equetech has a range of horse wear gifts to suit all budgets.

Competition Number Holders

Choose from two different types; Bridle Number Holders or Saddle Cloth Number Holders in either white or striking black patent. The number holders can be bought singularly or if you compete under British Dressage rules, as a pair. Exclusive to Equetech®, these unique competition numbers are designed for ease of use and

It's getting chilly out there and with weather forecasters proclaiming it's going to be a cold winter with prolonged freezing temperatures and snow, here's Equetech's guide to staying warm whilst enjoying your horse and the outdoors.

Start with a good quality base layer such as the Equetech Arctic Thermal Under Breeches. These under breeches luxuriously wrap your legs in a plush cosy micro fleece lining. They feature a seam free seat, non-chaff leg trim and wide comfort waistband- just heavenly. Worn under jeans, trousers, breeches, leisure or work out wear, the stirrup foot ensures there is no uncomfortable or irritating "riding up." Unisex in design in sizes S/M 24"-30" waist and L/XL 30"-36" waist, these under breeches certainly help to keep legs warm and to keep those annoyingly itchy or painful chilblains away.