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Only 21 more shopping days and 3 weekends to go! Some amongst us are more organised with little shopping left to do but others haven't even started! Whichever category you fall into, one thing is for certain we never forget to buy presents for our beloved four legged furries. So if you are looking for a special gift for your special and deserving horse, Equetech has a range of horse wear gifts to suit all budgets.

Competition Number Holders

Choose from two different types; Bridle Number Holders or Saddle Cloth Number Holders in either white or striking black patent. The number holders can be bought singularly or if you compete under British Dressage rules, as a pair. Exclusive to Equetech®, these unique competition numbers are designed for ease of use and

It's getting chilly out there and with weather forecasters proclaiming it's going to be a cold winter with prolonged freezing temperatures and snow, here's Equetech's guide to staying warm whilst enjoying your horse and the outdoors.

Start with a good quality base layer such as the Equetech Arctic Thermal Under Breeches. These under breeches luxuriously wrap your legs in a plush cosy micro fleece lining. They feature a seam free seat, non-chaff leg trim and wide comfort waistband- just heavenly. Worn under jeans, trousers, breeches, leisure or work out wear, the stirrup foot ensures there is no uncomfortable or irritating "riding up." Unisex in design in sizes S/M 24"-30" waist and L/XL 30"-36" waist, these under breeches certainly help to keep legs warm and to keep those annoyingly itchy or painful chilblains away.

Christmas it would seem is soon to be upon us. There are menus to be considered, endless shopping lists, special gifts to be purchased, party plans, wardrobe considerations and so much more, all of which can make this time of year fun, stressful and potentially expensive! However, buying quality gifts doesn't always have to mean expensive gifts.

Equetech has a huge range of quality gifts for under £15 which are perfect for any equestrian and countryside loving friend, colleague, family member or special someone.

Under £5

Scrunchies; Equetech stocks a huge range of on trend scrunchies for a pocket friendly price of £4.75. The range consists

For years 1980's style icon the humble Scrunchie lay dormant as a fashionable hair accessory, hidden away in a dark and forgotten about drawer. However, over this last year its fortunes have been transformed. The revival of this practical and now thought of as "stylish" hair accessory has been graced by celebrities and super models such as Madonna, Bella Hadid, Selena Gomez, Leila Rahimi and Lily Rose Depp with fashion house giant, Gucci even selling them for £715!

Well for those who would rather not spend a few hundred pounds on a Scrunchie, the good news is you don't have to! Equetech has been manufacturing design led equestrian apparel and horse riding accessories including the Scrunchie for over 25 years now! With over 16 different designs in an array of colours, materials and patterns, we definitely have a Scrunchie

I think it'd be fair to say that mostly Fireworks and animals do not mix well. Over the years I have read about and have had personal experience of the devastation fireworks can cause, be it from ignorance, a don't care attitude or a deliberate attempt to injure or worse kill livestock and horses.

There have been many petitions sent to Government to try and alter legislation surrounding fireworks and animals but to date the Government has been disinclined to dramatically change legislation to provide more protection towards domestic animals and livestock. However, it is not all doom and gloom. There is legislation in place which goes a little way to help protect animals from the terror of fireworks but to my mind it most certainly does not go far enough.

The current legislation states:

With Halloween just around the corner and All Saints Day falling the day after, I thought it'd be fun to recount a couple of stories about one Saintly pony and one grumpy Warmblood.

The Saintly Connemara.

Many, many, many years ago, far too many to dwell on, I owned a pony in a million. At just 12 years old my parents bought me a just backed 5 year old Connemara pony, to say this pony was a total Saint is the understatement of the century! I can recount so many amazing stories of our journey together but one of my favourites is due to the fact that three generations on the maternal side of my family are involved in this tale, my grandmother, my mother and me.

This particular Connemara was the pony my mother never had as a child;

I Love layers, really, I absolutely LOVE layers! Layers are an easy way to keep warm or cool down whilst still remaining stylish. Layers afford you the ability to mix and match, therefore creating several different looks with just a few key pieces.

This season, Equetech have put together an Autumn/Winter Collection based around a complementary colour scheme using varying fabrics and textures. Each garment has been designed to harmoniously tone or sympathetically contrast within the collection, synthesizing luxurious key pieces with beautifully textured accessories. This season's key colours are classic navy and a sophisticated muted mink with accessories complementing, toning or beautifully contrasting.

As a horse owner/rider and ex fashion model, here's my guide to successful

Half Term is upon us and many of us are working out what activities can be enjoyed as a family. The weather is not always kind at this time of year to be honest it's rarely kind at this time of year, so sadly many will think of indoor activities. To me, being stuck indoors is an absolute travesty at any time of year, especially Autumn. As the leaves turn, Mother Nature brings us beautiful muted hues, brooding or sharp skies, exhilarating yet devastating storms and cold crisp still days. In the UK we are lucky to have a plethora of footpaths, wooded areas, coastal walks, fells and dales, national parks, historic buildings and gardens which can be enjoyed for free or at little cost and where we can revel in the majesty of Autumn. So if I've managed to entice you to enjoy our beautiful countryside and stunning scenery, all that remains is to make sure you are suitably coated for the occasion!

It seems a shame that we only really talk about gift ideas in the run up to Christmas as I am a firm believer that there is always a reason to show someone they are very much appreciated. So, for those whose sensibilities do not allow them to even think about Christmas in October then consider this blog as a gift guide to express your appreciation to that special someone or as a guide for a great Birthday gift. For those amongst us who are highly organised and have already started Christmas shopping, then at Equetech we have that perfect gift for a horse loving, country loving special someone. With gift ideas for pony mad, unicorn loving kids, to sophisticated accessories, we have something to suit every age, budget and occasion .

Unicorn Seekers

For all the Unicorn seekers out there,

Pony Club mums are a rare and special breed. These often beleaguered superstars think nothing of the stupid o'clock starts in getting child and pony ready for competitions/clinics/rallies, they've adopted the role of chauffeur extraordinaire, they've become experts in mucking out, grooming, plaiting, clipping etc. and are the most efficient of bank managers. But most of all, a Pony Club mum is their child's biggest supporter and at times, biggest critic. As unsung heroes, your offspring will not always recognise that during the cold winter months, standing around will make you cold. Whilst they gleefully build up a bit of heat riding at competitions or training, you are left standing around watching and thinking up ingenious ways to keep warm, possibly feeling irritable with your lack of mobility courtesy of all the layers you are