Beat the heat with our top tips!

With the hot weather expected to continue for at least the next week, check out our Equetech top tips for beating the heat:

  • Choose cooler turnout times if you can - maybe consider having your horse out overnight when it's cooler and if you have an airy stable have them in during the day away from the harsh sunlight and warm temperatures.
  • If your horse is warm, give them a hose down, this will help bring their body temperature down.
  • Slow down the work you do, don't expect your horse to work as hard as he or she might in the cooler temperatures, after all you wouldn't necessarily expect to perform at your peak performance in scorching hot temperatures.
  • Pick the time you ride, if you can plan to ride in the early morning or late evening when the temperatures are generally cooler.
  • Avoid sunburn, with these warm temperatures consider applying some suncream to your horse if he or she has a pink nose to keep sunburn at bay.

And don't forget about yourself, make sure you apply plenty of suncream, wear a hat to keep the sun off your head and drink plenty of water. If you are competing in these warmer temperature Equetech have some great wardrobe options to help you stay cool. The Equetech Quantum Dressage Waistcoat comes in both Navy and Black and is perfect for staying cooler in the warmer weather. The Equetech Perform Riding Tights are also a good choice for warmer weather, with 4 way stretch and technical fabrics these riding tights are a good choice for the summer months.