Gearing up for the dressage season!

Despite the heavy rain and wind some of us have been experiencing these last few days spring is just around the corner, and so many of us are thinking about updating our wardrobes, getting rid of those old socks; you know the ones with the holes in, the breeches that just won't wash up clean anymore and maybe that old faithful competition jacket that has done just one too many seasons.

If you are on the look out for a new competition jacket, look no further than our brand new Ultima Quick Change Dressage Coat.

Designed for all disciplines, you will now only need one jacket, making this the ultimate competition jacket! What makes this so clever are the tails which detach from the jacket, revealing a shorter style jacket underneath. Perfect for eventing or competing horses at different levels. No need to remember two jackets ever again!

The jacket also features wipe clean tails making it practical and durable, the tails have weighted ends to keep the jacket in position to make sure you are looking your best throughout your test.

For our full range of Competition Jackets check out the link here.