We have all been there, bought a new pair of breeches only to find out they are made from a thin material, don't hold you together and worst still give you a VPL, not exactly the confidence giving wardrobe you need when you pull your breeches on to head to the yard.

Equetech understand that you want to feel confident in your breeches, as riders ourselves we know not all of us have the luxury of that perfect figure, some of us wobble, some of us have muffin tops, and others of us just want a bit of help to feel our 'best'- it is exactly these reasons that inspired us to design our Shaper Breeches.

These breeches are designed specifically to give you a flattering outline and to compliment your figure. With careful seam positioning, a contoured higher waistband and hidden support, the breeches will help to help lift, slim and shape your body! Exactly what every girl wants!

They are great for leisure riding but can also been worn at competitions as not only do they come in gorgeous Blackberry and Navy we have launched the Shaper Breeches in Beige and White. We are positive these will become your favourite legwear!

For the full Shaper Breeches range check out the link here.