Crossover Accessories

If you are a lover of all things equestrian, follow the season's fashions or are an innovative trend setter then crossover accessories will be an important part of any discerning fashionista's wardrobe. The most obvious equestrian/fashion crossover accessory is the humble scarf. Equestrian themed scarves are continually gracing the runways of the major designers across the world and are a firm favourite of equestrians. Whatever the season, a stylish scarf will lift any fashionable outfit away from the stables and can add a touch of class to your equestrian ensemble.

A stylish tie and tie pin or stock and stock pin worn in an equestrian competition environment also make for a fabulous statement when worn with a suit. If you are male, sharpen up the overall look of your suit with a sophisticated tie pin or add a touch of verve with a self-tying stock tied as a cravat. Likewise, ladies that like to add either a touch of fun or sophistication to their outfit won't go wrong with a beautiful stock pin worn as a broach. Adding a stock, again tied as a cravat to an outfit consisting of skinny jeans, killer heels and crisp white shirt can give you an air of sophisticated sass!

A good quality belt with an interesting buckle design will complete any outfit. Many celebrities are often seen and photographed wearing equestrian themed belts which are a lover of top stylists across the world.

So, think outside of the box and dare to be different with Equetech's fabulous crossover pieces.