Bun Nets

One product that has gained popularity among dressage, showing, eventing, and show jumping riders is the Equetech equestrian riding bun net.

Bun nets are an essential accessory for riders who want to keep their hair neat and tidy while competing. They are particularly useful for riders who compete in disciplines where a neat and professional appearance is required, such as dressage and showing. The Equetech equestrian riding bun net is made from high-quality materials that provide durability and comfort.

One of the key features of the Equetech equestrian riding bun net is its unique design. The bun net is made from a stretchy, elasticated material that fits snugly over the rider's bun. This ensures that the bun net stays in place during competitions. The bun net also features a discreet opening that allows the rider to sit the bun below their helmet neatly.

Our bun nets are available in a range of colours and embellishments to match the rider's outfit such as silver and rose gold trims. This means that riders can choose a bun net that complements their overall look, adding that extra touch of professionalism and style.