Medical Armbands

Equetech Medical armbands are an indispensable safety precaution for any eventing cross country event involving horse riding. These ID armbands are specifically designed to securely hold your medical cards, ensuring that crucial information is readily available in the event of an accident.

ID medical armbands are a mandatory accessory, when eventing to ensure paramedics / doctors attending to any accidents have immediate access to all the necessary medical information. Equetech Medical armbands provide an efficient and effective solution for this purpose.

Accidents can happen unexpectedly during cross country events, and having vital medical information easily accessible is crucial for prompt and appropriate care. Equetech Medical armbands enable riders to keep their medical cards securely in place, ensuring that vital information such as allergies, existing medical conditions, medications, and emergency contact details are always within reach.

By wearing Equetech Medical armbands, riders can have peace of mind, knowing that in the event of an accident, paramedics will have instant access to their medical information. This enables them to make informed decisions and provide the best possible care.

The design of these armbands ensures durability and secure fitment, allowing riders to comfortably participate in cross country events without worrying about the armband slipping or falling off during the ride. The adjustable elastic strap ensures that the armbands can be altered to fit different arm sizes, providing a comfortable and secure fit for riders of all shapes and sizes.