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It's common place to believe that to enhance our equestrian wardrobe we have spend lots of money. Well, thankfully this doesn't have to be so. All we really need to do is make minor adjustments to our existing wardrobe by adding on-trend accessories. A statement belt can make all the difference not only to your competition outfit but to your training and non-riding outfits. For a classic look whilst competing, choose a belt that tones or matches with the main block colour of your jacket and one with an interesting buckle design.

Equetech are pleased to welcome ROR panel judge, show rider and producer, Helen Newbold to our sponsored rider team. Helen has always had an interest in showing having produced her own horses to county and national standard and she is also renowned for her success with Retrained Racehorses. With a passion for retraining racehorses giving them a chance at a second career, she has enjoyed much success at national level, notably with Deep Reflection winning the Tattersalls RoR series final at Hickstead also standing Champion Racehorse to Riding Horse at HOYS.

It was a weekend of excess leg hair removal for Reggie, not Reggie's owner and Equetech MD Liz, washing and tidying of the giant 3 year olds magnificent gingerness and just general pre show day sprucing – I'm sure we spend more time beautifying our horses than ourselves! His royal gingerness went from a slightly scruffy, why can't I be a huge field ornament, to a resplendent vision befitting his incredible breeding which can be traced back to the 1600s. So, show day dawns with an early wake up call for Reggie who has a bemused yet disgruntled "I'm not a morning person" and "what is all the fuss about" look written all over his face.

Are you an Equetech Real rider? Find out more about our latest to all rider, levels and disciplines!

This season is all about accessories and crossover pieces. With varying temperatures, sunshine and showers (even snow!) it's difficult to decide what to wear. Scarves are a sophisticated year round wardrobe staple, ideal at keeping the winter chill away from the neck and the ultimate stylish accessory teamed with a lighter spring/summer outfit. New to the Equetech Spring/Summer collection are two not to be missed simply stunning scarves. The Equetech Infinity Scarf is a delicate pink featuring an all over printed pheasants design in metallic rose gold foil and the Equetech Bridles Infinity Scarf features the exclusive Equetech bridles design in stylish blues and stone tones.


British equestrian fashion brand have launched an exciting new campaign to find the Equetech Real Riders.

Marlow Deluxe Tweed Riding Jacket

Easter is only a few weeks away which means the show season will soon be in full swing. About now many of us will be dusting off our Spring/Summer competition attire and deciding it's time to update our tweed riding jackets to the new on-trend tweed, style and cut for the upcoming season.

New for Spring/Summer 2017 is the exclusive Equetech Marlow Deluxe Tweed Riding Jacket

Denim Breeches

Denim Breeches

Our iconic denim breeches have undergone a facelift for 2017. Equetech's MD, who is also Head Designer has cleverly designed these breeches to bring high street fashion into your equestrian wardrobe.With beautifully embroidered detailing, a full stretch Alos™ suede seat, flattering high waist and flattering jean style pocket placing, these denim breeches are this seasons must have leg wear.

Reversible Micro Gilet

It's a difficult time of year in deciding what to wear for the day. Mostly we will start the day looking like we are off for a hike in the arctic or a cold rain forest; however, by the middle of the day we are regretting our choice of attire as the day warms up. The savvier of us have learnt either from experience or logic that layering is the way forward! Therefore one of the most useful items we can have in our wardrobe is a gilet.

Spring is only a few weeks away – yippee! With the longer, warmer days approaching, our poor horses are being trimmed, spruced and prepped as our motivation to ride and go out competing increases. We will spend endless hours at the yard giving our beloved neddies the full beauty makeover, often forgetting about ourselves until the last minute! If we applied as much attention to ourselves as we do to our horses, we'd all be turned out like supermodels!