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With more and more venues running competitions throughout the year, winter competing obviously brings about a different set of problems to those experienced during the summer months, most notable is how to stay warm. Thankfully, today's technology has created some amazing insulating fabrics with excellent thermal properties.

The style, design and cut of competition clothing coupled with the rules of the competition venue or affiliate regarding competition attire, limits your ability to add layers for warmth. So, what to wear without the expense of two competition wardrobes; one for winter and one for summer without looking 2 clothes sizes bigger in the winter?

Invest in good quality thermal underwear. Equetech's Arctic Thermal Underbreeches

If you are anything like me, your poor feet hate the damp and cold of winter; my sorry feet suffer horribly with the irritating itch and pain of those dastardly chilblains. If I don't manage my feet I can end up with chilblains adorning every one of my toes for most of the winter months! Winter parties can become a bit of a trial as finding beautiful party shoes that hide my now swollen and hideous feet is depressing and nigh on impossible! So, what can be done about this debilitating problem?

According to the NHS, if you suffer with this irritating problem then prevention is key.

Below are some suggestions to help guard against chilblains:

  • Limit your exposure to the cold. This is sage advice if you don't own dogs or horses and enjoy an outdoor lifestyle.

It seems that daughters wish to grow up so fast, aspiring to be miniature versions of their mothers. As "Little Ladies" they ransack your wardrobe always seeming to dress up in your most expensive clothes and shoes, leaving you praying they'll still be intact when you next go to wear them. Nowadays, fashion brands including equestrian and country fashion brands, design junior versions of their adult range, hopefully alleviating any possible damage to your favourite clothes! One of the most popular pieces in this year's Autumn/Winter range is the Equetech Snaffles Poncho. This beautiful equestrian themed fashion piece is the perfect matching mother/daughter outer garment combining timeless style with the cosy. Featuring a contrasting snaffle bit design, this sophisticated poncho is ideal for mother/daughter days out

It's that time of year when the weather is so changeable it becomes a trial to work out what to wear for the day. Luckily, we can layer up and luckily we have the ability to add or remove items of clothing as the temperature increases or decreases – our horses do not have this luxury. So not only are we faced with a wardrobe dilemma for ourselves, we are faced with a wardrobe dilemma for our horses.

I know lots of horse owners that believe if they are cold, their horse will be too and conversely, if they are feeling warm, their horse must be too. Unfortunately this isn't always a good way to work out how to rug your horse. Not only do horses and humans have differing body temperatures (humans 36.5 to 37.5 °C, horses 37.5 to 38.6 °C ) our abilities to regulate our body temperature differs greatly.

It's that time of year again, one of the most important in the fashion diary – the Fashion Weeks from around Europe and New York. The buzz and excitement surrounding the big four; New York, London, Milan and Paris, where the world's top designers showcase their fashion vision for the upcoming seasons, culminates in Milan. The creative visions showcased on the catwalks this Autumn will filter down to the high street for Spring next year. However, let's revisit the trends showcased throughout February/March 2017 for this Autumn and how Equetech have brought these on-trend designs to your equestrian wardrobe?

Duvet Coats

Having featured heavily on the catwalks

The Poncho has a long and varied history, it is commonly associated with the Americas where we think of a bright patterned garment made from a heavy Sheep wool or Alpaca wool but it was believed to have its origins as far back as 500 B.C., typically worn by the Paracas, Pre-Inca Culture. However, in more modern times the humble poncho was adapted for use by the military in the 1850s and then further adapted to double as an item of waterproof military clothing and a ground sheet for use in WWII. As with all good ideas the poncho has definitely stood the test of time but nowadays is worn as a versatile and beautiful fashionable statement piece. A simple yet stunning garment, the poncho is easy to wear, suiting all body types as one size fits all. Garnering influence from the fashion world, Equetech has introduced the poncho into the Autumn/Winter 2017/18 Collection.

The BYRDS (British Young Rider Dressage Scheme) Under 25 Championships is a very popular and successful competition which has been hosted for the last 16 years by Sheepgate Equestrian Centre, Boston, Lincolnshire. Held every August this prestigious event runs National Championship classes at Prelim, Novice, Elementary, Medium and Advanced Medium, as well as the FEI Team tests at Pony, Junior and Young Rider levels. The UK currently has some exceptionally talented young rider, horse/pony combinations, which was reflected in over 370 combinations from across the UK riding in excess of 1250 tests over 6 days! Equetech is a big advocate of encouraging young riders, so this year, Equetech sponsored the Preliminary

We are entering that time of year where strong winds cause us to hunch our shoulders against the pervading chill, tease our hair out of its restraints or ruin our carefully coiffed hairstyle and all this before the biting Northerly wind makes its presence felt! As horse riders we are constantly dealing with the aftermath of hat hair and for those that support us either on a daily basis or at an event, time doesn't always allow for beautiful hair and standing at the side lines allows the cold to permeate into the bones. Luckily for those that like to keep their hair out of the eyes, want their ears and necks to remain toasty, hide hat hair or want their hair to look stylish with minimum effort, Equetech has an array of stylish scarves and warming headbands to suit. This year Equetech's Cable Knit Headband

Are you looking for the ultimate waterproof all season's jacket?

The Equetech Trilogy 3 in 1 Jacket is a practical yet stylish design concept loosely based around the Rambo Duo rug. After buying her horse the Rambo Duo, Equetech Managing Director, Liz Hayman was struck by the simple yet clever concept of this versatile rug and wanted to rework this concept to design a stylish jacket for equestrians and lovers of outdoor pursuits.

Realising that many people do not want a closet full of equestrian jackets; a jacket for the colder winter months, a waterproof for colder wet days, one for the warmer spring weather, a waterproof for the warmer wetter days and so on, Liz explored designing a jacket for all seasons.

September 1st sees the commencement of Autumn- well meteorologically at least. If you are anything like me the onset of Autumn is a good excuse to go shopping for all things cosy! I like nothing more than shopping for rider wear and love poring over new season collections either online or at my favourite equestrian stores. The launch of Equetech's Autumn/Winter 2017/18 Collection sees some old friends and some really exciting new designs. Classic navy and on trend mink feature heavily this season with high street fashion influencing many styles, creating a beautifully symbiotic collection. Combining the all too necessary waterproof and technical Bio- Down™ insulation to stylish jackets with toning or matching scarves and headbands adds a level of sophistication for any discerning rider or for those