A Horse Rider's Competition Checklist 6 Things You Shouldn't Leave Home Without

Apart from your horse, there are a few items on our competition checklist that we never leave home without, so if you are heading out on the road, here are six things you might want to remember!

Is Your Competition Wardrobe.. Competition Ready?

As we welcome a new year, the team have already been sharing their plans and riding goals, and if yours involves heading out to competitions, you might want to review your competition wardrobe!

12 Things To Add Sparkle To Your Day

Add some sparkle to your day (and outfit) with 12 'gems' to beat those extended lockdown date blues. Sparkle and shine with this gorgeous tee on your Zoom Call now with our Crystal Embellished Horse Tee. Luxe never felt so comfortable. Equestrian clothing for all occasions.

Riding the perfect centre line!

Have you got a dressage test coming up?  Ever received lower marks than you had hoped for your centre lines?  Over rode or under shot the centre line.  Wobbled your way up to C?  This blog is for you.   We wil share with you our ten top tips to ride the perfect centre line! First up, give yourself time. You have forty five seconds after the bell has rung to enter the arena, so don't panic, take a deep breath, you have got plenty of time to get round the arena before heading in to ride the test. You know this next one, you will have likely bee told this before, but remember to LOOK AT THE JUDGE.  As you enter the arena, fixate on the end of the arena, and ride straight towards the judges car or...

Stay cool this Summer!

The summer has definitely arrived this weekend and whilst many of us, opted for early morning rides, or giving the horses a day off, many of you were out competing.  Equetech has got you covered this summer and can help keep you cool when you head up that centre line. The Quantum Dressage Waistcoat is a new additon to our competition wear, both competititon legal and designed with comfort in mind the waistcoat is a must if you dont want to get hot under the collar this summer.  A classical lightweight waistcoat in a woven jacquard fabric, with fancy crystal buttons.  The waistcoat is completely adjustable and comes with concealed elasticated panels.  The waistcoat comes in three colours, Navy, Grey and Black. Keep...