An Essential Guide On What To Wear In The Show Ring

Want to catch the judges’ eye for all the right reasons this showing season? Transform your showing outfit into a winning look, fit for HOYS with these awesome top tips from our MD & Designer, Liz Hayman

liz hayman, equetech managing director

Win Best Turned Out
Wearing the right clothing for the show ring will ensure you look professional. Giving the correct first impressions to the judges is crucial, but this doesn't mean that you have to rush out and buy a whole new outfit! At lower levels, show judges tend to be more lenient on correct dress codes so while a tweed show jacket is traditionally correct, a smart black or navy competition jacket will equally suffice.

Colour Choices
Choosing the right colour can make the difference in looking professional. A pair of buttermilk or canary breeches are correct for showing. However, if you only have white, then again at the more novice level shows, this will be perfectly acceptable. Brown or corn coloured gloves are favoured, but black is acceptable. 

Taking Stock
One change we can all make easily is to wear a shirt and tie which IS correct for showing (unless you are riding side-saddle or in a championship class at the higher levels). Our zip on show ties are so easy to put on and remove, so you don't have to be an expert on tying a proper Windsor knot! We also offer a vast range of ties in diamonds,polka dots  and stripes to complement your outfit, horse or show horse browband.

All In The Details
Focus on your attention to detail. Ensure that your show horse's tack shines and your boots are clean and your show jacket free of horse hair and slobber. Make sure your show jacket fits you well. A show jacket size 12 will not look great on you if you are now a size 16. Our ladies tweed show jackets go up to a size 22 so you can find a show jacket to complement those curves perfectly! Long hair tied neatly into a bun with a hairnet also makes a huge difference. All these factors go towards presenting the right first impressions when you step into the ring in front of the show judges. 

Tweed Looks Good
If you are planning on showing your horse, then investing in a tweed jacket may be something you want to consider. My advice is to choose a tweed that is easy to wear and that you can pick out tones of colour that compliment your horse:  A Brown tweed ladies show jacket with Lt Blue and Navy plaid, for example, can complement a Chestnut or Bright Bay beautifully, while a Green Jacket with Navy works well for all colours including coloured horses! 

Bring It All Together
Even your choice of style and colour tie can be used to bring the whole look together. For example, a show jacket in tweed with a very subtle Canary plaid can be 'brought out' by teaming it with a Gold tie and Tattersall Check waistcoat – stunning on a Dun or Palomino! Showing is all about complimenting your horse and effortless elegance. Look for garments, which combine quality and classic tailoring. Subtle checks on a tweed jacket can also mean there is a natural cross-over with the jacket for dressage and show-jumping. The more discrete the plaid, the more versatile the garment will be for those who want to compete across the disciplines on a tighter budget.

Whatever level you plan to show your horse at, have fun and remember a smile is the best finishing touch!

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