Get Dressage Championship Competition Ready

Blood, sweat and tears have been shed in getting your horse fit, healthy and competition ready. Your trainer has pushed you to you and your horses' limits and wonderfully the hard work has paid off. Your tenacious efforts have gained you that much sort after qualification to your riding club championship/British Dressage Regionals/Nationals/ Area Festivals.

Having been out competing to obtain your qualification you may feel your competition outfit now looks a bit tired, your breeches are no longer bright white or you may just desire something special or unique to compete in. There are many ways to alter or refresh your competition outfit; the most cost effective and easiest way would be to change your accessories. Why not invest in a new belt, stock and stock pin. A stylish belt is a must if wearing a cutaway jacket or tailcoat and a beautiful stock and stock pin will always complete your competition outfit.

White breeches are notoriously difficult to keep bright white as the dye from your saddle simply loves to ingrain itself into the fabric especially if the leather has become wet. Also, your normally polite horse suddenly decides that your white breeches are to be his own personal mouth wipe or handkerchief with your washing detergent trying its utmost to remove the stains but failing miserably! So your once pristine white breeches no longer require you and all around you to don sunglasses to shield your eyes from the glare leaving you with two options, to wear your now stained greying ones or to buy a new pair.

If you're looking for that something extra special, then why not treat yourself to a custom made jacket or tailcoat? With multiple options available to you from contrasting piping, Swarovski buttons to a choice of material and contrasting collars you can really stand out from the crowd with your own unique Equetech jacket. Please note that we ask you allow up to four weeks delivery for custom jackets.

Good luck and have a happy and successful competition season.