Countdown to Pony Club!

Calling all Pony Club Mum's - If you are on countdown till Pony Club Camp kicks off why not check out our Pony Club camp check list to make sure everything is covered this summer!

A Pony Club tie is an essential piece of kit for any pony clubber, the Equetech Junior Pony Club Stripe tie is a good option, a matching hair scrunchie can also be added to the list of items to pack because let's face it, everyone loves a bit of matchy matchy even the youngest of horse riders!

For the older Pony Clubbers a stock may be a nice wardrobe addition, check out the Equetech Pony Club Checked Stock, and of course a matching checked hair scrunchie will complete the look.

The little one's will also need a few pairs of jodhpurs to get them through camp, the Equetech Junior Prima Jodhpurs represent very good value for money and come in a range of six different colours.

The Junior Stretch Show Shirt will keep the kids comfy this summer, the short sleeve shirt is made from breathable stretch fabric and also comes in a wide range of colours.