Liz Hayman - The women behind the brand

Equetech, based in Buckinghamshire, England, has been a manufacturer of high quality, design lead equestrian apparel riding wear since 1992. Equetech is one of the leading providers of equestrian clothing in the UK. All of our products are designed by Liz Hayman, Equetech Director, who as a horse rider herself can put her own experience and appreciation for the amount of work your horse riding wardrobe actually does for you into practice. Today we find out a bit more about the women behind the brand.

Tell us a bit about how the Equetech brand was born?

Equetech was born from one products - The ComfyRumps riding underwear. It was designed by Leslie, the founder of Equetech. Equetech has been sold on twice and I have owned it for nearly 14 years, growing it into the wide selection of equestrian products we have today.

What inspires you when you start to design a new product range for Equetech?

I always listen to our customers and I take influences from everyday fashion and my own experiences from the yard.

40% of the Equetech products are guaranteed to be British, tell us more about that, why is that important to you?

It is very important to keep British manufacturing alive and to not see the skills die out. We should protect our industry and to ensure we buy British, keeps the economy alive.

If you had to pick one item from the Equetech range as a must have item for all horse owners what would it be and why?

A tough one, but sorry there are two I can't live without. Firstly my Denim Breeches. I love them and can't wait to wear them every time I ride and secondly I can't live without my Performance Socks. They fit under all my boots and you don't even know you are wearing them!

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