The Best New Women's Equestrian Belts - The Ultimate Accessory

Womens belts until now have been regarded as useful and often stylish, but not necessarily making a statement. However, this season belts are shaping up to become one of the most defining accessories!

When choosing a belt, they can often get lost in store, with no variety or style, often fairly dull and uninspirational. Online can be mind boggling with many choices, but trying to pick the right look and quality can be challenging and requires dedication, unlike shoes and handbags!

I am of the strong opinion that any high-waist breech must have a belt in tow, and with many new styles of cut away jackets, waistlines on show, they are crying out for an equestrian belt! Be careful in your choice, as too thin a belt can slide and cut you in the middle, whereas a very wide belt can look ugly and over power your outfit!  

This season, our collection of belts for women can be easily paired with breeches, jodhpurs, jeans, trousers, competition jackets and shirts. Most breeches, whether you're competing in dressage, eventing or just leisure riding, look fantastic with a belt and add new life to the dullest of garments. Our Stirrup Leather Belt Range comes in a variety of leather finishes to suit all tastes and in four sizes.

Choosing the right belt:
  1. Make sure your belt compliments your outfit. It shouldnt retract from the rest of the outfit, or over-power it. 
  2. Go thick or thin? Thick belts are great for women with longer bodies because they help shorten their upper bodies and make them look more in proportion. Narrow belts are great for sligher shapes and short torsos, as they don't cut you in half. 
  3. Invest in more than one! Belts are functional pieces, but choose the wrong colour and it can completely ruin an outfit!
  4. Consider different types. If you are training you may want to go bold, matchy-matchy, whereas in competition, a slightly understated belt would be more forgiving, so you don't stand out for the wrong reasons. 

Did you know that belts are measured from the buckle to the middle hole, to give you the perfect fit. I usually go down a size when wearing high-waist breeches, as the waistband sits above the hip bone, whereas with jeans, or mid rise breeches, I wear my usual size. Our size guide is as follows:

XS - 70cm - High Waist - 24-26" / Mid-Rise or Jeans - UK6-8
S - 80cm - High Waist - 26-28" / Mid-Rise or Jeans - UK10-12
M - 90cm - High Waist - 28-30" / Mid-Rise or Jeans - UK12-14
L - 100cm - High Waist - 30-32" / Mid-Rise or Jeans - UK14-16
XL - 110cm - High Waist - 32-34" / Mid-Rise or Jeans - UK16-18

This new collection is available from stock now. These are all limited edition colours, so don't delay!