10 Adorable Christmas Horse Videos You'll Want To Watch

At Equetech we love Christmas! In fact we love Christmas so much that we even have our very own dedicated Christmas Accessories page on the website! If you share our love for all things Christmassy, you'll love our round-up of festive videos with our top ten favourite Christmas horse videos, you'll want to watch!

Festive Smiles 

We couldn't help but smile at THESE CUTIES and this lovely festive message! Just watching this puts us in the Christmas mood!


All We Want For Christmas ..

All we want for Christmas is def THIS! This video makes us want to do our version with our horses! 

Beyond Cute!

If your heart doesn't melt watching THIS -then we don't know what will. The amount of effort that went into this cute Christmas horse video is well worth a watch!


Pony Party

We want a pony party like THIS! Just magical and so much fun! Adorable Christmas horse videos on YouTube, don't get much better than this!

Who Doesn't Love A Sheltand?

We think THIS VIDEO sums up Shetlands perfectly! 😉 For anyone who has ever encounted these little naughty little ponies, you'll love this festive take!

Christmas Smiles

If only we could train our own horses like THESE clever ponies! Wow! We just love this video and how much time and training went into training these cute ponies for this Christmas horse video.


Christmas Accessories We Love

This VIDEO showcases some of our Christmas accessories that fill us with festive fun! From hat silks to breastplates and jingle bells on reins and antler ears for your horse of pony!


Crazy Christmas 

This Christmas chaos dressing up VIDEO will spread some festive joy! Some fun ideas on how to dress up your equine and canine friend and spread some Christmas joy!


Christmas Sweater Weather

Oh my. We need both the sweater and pony featured in this VIDEO in our lives. This is such a lovely story and too cute for words!!

The Perfect Christmas

Quite honestly, THIS looks like the perfect Christmas to us! All the family and fur family together during this magical time!