20 essentials for your Horsebox!

We have all done it, got to a competition, maybe even running late, and we have started looking for something we 'need' only to realise we have left it at home! Often we can find someone parked up nearby that is kind enough to lend us whatever it is we have forgotten to pack, sometimes it's a quick last minute dash to the on site tack room, but don't get caught short again - check out our list of 20 essentials every Horsebox should have packed in it!

1. First Aid Kit. A well stocked first aid kit for both you and your horse is a must, hopefully you will never need to use it but just incase it's better to be safe than sorry.

2. Fresh water and water buckets. For washing off your horse after your competition and of course to be able to offer a drink.

3. Rugs. Probably a good idea to have a few options incase the weather turns.

4. Spares. Now the list could go on for ever but a spare head collar and lead rope would be a good start!

5. Passport. A note somewhere to remind you to take your horses passports with you (we don't recommend you leave them in your lorry permanently so a note stuck somewhere is a helpful reminder!).

6. Haynet and hay.

7. Emergency Contact Numbers. We hope these are never needed, but a list of emergency numbers stored in the glove box would be useful, vets, breakdown cover, etc).

8. Dressage Tests. If you are heading to a dressage show a copy of the tests might come in useful for one last glance before you head up the centre line/

9. Hairnet. Keep your hair neat and tidy with an Show Hairnet.

10. Tools for cleaning your lorry or at least to pick up any droppings, show grounds are often strict about helping them keep the carparks clean so a tub rug and poop scooper would be another useful addition.

11. For the rider, riding boots and your hat! It might sound obvious but when packing for a show sometimes the most obvious of things can get forgotten.

12. For the horse, saddle, bridle, saddle cloths etc, depending on what you are doing make sure if you need changes of bits / reins etc that you have got them all packed.

13. Bridle numbers. If you are competing in dressage you will now need two dressage numbers, one for either side of your horse, you can check out the Equetech Saddle Cloth Number Holders or if you prefer we have a range of Bridle Numbers Holders.

14. Grooming kit. At the very least we recommend you pack a hoof pick, and a couple of brushes.

15. Gloves. So easy to forget but for most disciplines these must be worn under the rules. Check out our range of Show Gloves.

16. Medical Armband. If you are eventing don't forget to pack your medical armband.

17. Your driving licence and some cash.

18. Some spare clothes, how many times have you ended up getting caught in a downpour? Be prepared for this great British weather with some extra clothes just incase.

19. Sunglasses, sunhat and some suncream. If you aren't being caught in a downpour you might find yourself in the middle of show day and the sun makes an appearance so be prepared!

20. Your horse, you might laugh at this, but here at Equetech towers we have known on more than one occasion, for people to head off down the drive and their four legged pride and joy is still stood in the stable!

What have we forgotten? We would love to hear all about your Horsebox essentials?