8 Items Of Horsey Clothing You Can Wear During Self-Isolation

We share the love for 8 Equetech items you can wear at home during self-isolation right now and then enjoy, once the lockdown is lifted and we can all get back down the stables and start riding our horses again! 

Run Around
Because our clothes are designed with the same principles as other sports activewear, our collection embrace freedom of movement and technical fabrics. You can enjoy a run on a rainy day with our Hack-A-Mac, which is a pack away lightweight mac which has a clip designed to attach to your belt or saddle. For a jog around the block, clip it to your bum bag or stuff it in a pocket for any sudden showers you might encounter. Wearing layers means you can warm up and cool down properly, without catching a chill. 

Wheel Deal
If using your daily exercise opportunity includes riding your bike, did you know our Novelty Hat Silks also fit cycling helmets as well as riding hats? Raise a much-needed smile on your daily cycle with our collection of enchanting animals, from Henry Hedgehog (Raising money for Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital) through to Flo Flamingo and Dave Dino and more! Oh, and you can even channel your 'inner unicorn' with our Twilight Unicorn Hat Silk. One size fits all. Make sure you still wear high viz and avoid riding on the main roads.

Work It!
Our Inspire Riding Tights are ideal for working out at home in front of a YouTube Video. With so many great exercise videos online, you can cherry-pick a programme to suit your level of ability, fitness and even available space (some focus solely on just mat work). Make sure you are sensible and don't overexert yourself, but a gentle workout will undoubtedly make you feel better! Choose items that can also be hand-washed, rather than machine washed and dry quickly.

Sofa Surfing 
Get cosy and comfortable on the sofa in something warm and easy to wear. Our Arctic Thermal Underbreeches and Cross-Over Base are the perfect 'loungewear' to relax in around the house. Choose clothing that has a comfortable, non-restrictive waistband and clothing that doesn't have seams that can rub or cause discomfort.

Work Calls
If you're working from home and have to make a video call with a client. Choose something smart, such a shirt for your top half or add accessories to your top to smarten your look. The joy of video call is that as long as you sit at your desk, no one will notice your jogging pants or jeans! Our Hayman & Hare Shirt is an excellent option for work or as a smart look teamed with your breeches. Our Infinity Scarf is an instant wardrobe refresh and ticks equestrian style with its snaffle bit design. Scarves are a quick way to transform any outfit, however casual.

Video Calls With Friends & Family
Raise a smile with family or friends on Facetime by dressing up to take the call. Whether it's dressing up in your glad rags to make mocktails with your best friend, fancy dress fun for the family or wearing a slogan novelty t-shirts, such as our Bad Ass Tee, you'll be sharing some smiles along the way.