9 ways to keep your horse cool this Bank Holiday Weekend!

Every bank holiday the nations crosses it's fingers for a hot bank holday weekend - this August bank holiday is a scorcher!  For many of our four legged friends the increase in temperature can be an unwelcome addtion to their day as they struggle to keep cool.

Here are our top tips for keeping your horse cool as the temperature rise.

1. Choose cooler turnout times. If your horse is normally stabled at night and out during the day, consider reversing their turnout times to avoid the hottest temperatures and the worst of the flies.

2. Provide shade.  Try and provide relief from the sun, a field shelter or trees are a great source of shade. 

3. Give your horse a shower. A wash off a couple of times a day will be a welcome chance for your horse to cool down and remove any built up sweat. 

4. Provide fresh, cool water and an electrolyte source. Make sure your horse has plenty of fresh, cool water.  If your horse is sweating a great deal, consider feeding an electrolyte.

5. Slow down your work. Consider riding early morning to get your riding done before the temperatures rise, and when it is really hot you may want to reduce the amount or work you do.

6. Avoid sunburn. Horses, especially with pink skin, can suffer from sunburn, protect your horse with suncream or even a fly rug.

7. Clip horses with longer hair coats. While some coat can provide protection from the sun and insulation, a long, thick coat can hold heat and makes it difficult for the horse to cool down. 

8. Know your horse and signs of heat stroke. Heat stroke can happen anytime your horse is exposed to excessive heat that their body cannot handle. Heatstroke can happen if exercising in hot conditions, but be aware that it can also happen if standing in a stable or horsebox.

9. Avoid travelling in the peak of the heat.  If you are competing try and travel early or late in the day to avoid the hottest part of the day.

Whatever you are doing this Bank Holiday weekend, we hope you keep cool and enjoy yourself!