A Penchant for the Pocho

The Poncho has a long and varied history, it is commonly associated with the Americas where we think of a bright patterned garment made from a heavy Sheep wool or Alpaca wool but it was believed to have its origins as far back as 500 B.C., typically worn by the Paracas, Pre-Inca Culture. However, in more modern times the humble poncho was adapted for use by the military in the 1850s and then further adapted to double as an item of waterproof military clothing and a ground sheet for use in WWII. As with all good ideas the poncho has definitely stood the test of time but nowadays is worn as a versatile and beautiful fashionable statement piece.

A simple yet stunning garment, the poncho is easy to wear, suiting all body types as one size fits all. Garnering influence from the fashion world, Equetech has introduced the poncho into the Autumn/Winter 2017/18 Collection. Being renowned for quality tweed garments, it comes as no surprise that Equetech have designed ponchos in two beautiful tweeds; an indulgent green with mulberry and gold overchecks and an iconic brown with cranberry overchecks. Featuring a gold metallic zip to the neck with suede tassel and a sumptuous paisley lining both of these tweed ponchos exude a timeless elegance and are made in the UK.

For a more fun image, whilst maintaining an air of stylish sophistication, look no further than the Equetech Snaffles Poncho. In two sizes, adults and juniors, this is a perfect fashion piece for a matching mother/daughter look. With a base colour in classic navy, the contrasting snaffles design is overprinted in a muted mink. Both the Tweeds and the Snaffles Ponchos effortlessly emanate illimitable grace, perfect for country pursuits, trot-ups, events, and wearing on the high street.

Having graced the catwalks across the world, why not strut down your own catwalk wearing an Equetech Poncho, definitely the fashionable "Must Have" item for Autumn 2017.