August Blog

Wow, what an August!

Not only did we have some super Olympic television if we weren't lucky enough to be watching all the thrills, excitement and heartbreak in person in the vibrant city of Rio but back here at home, our sponsored riders have also seen success and disappointment.

August was a particularly busy month for dressage riders Charlie Hutton and Rachael Lane, nee Clark. Charlie posted a very respectable score in the Elementary with 69% at the Keysoe Regionals on Rosie to come 9th. The pair had a very relaxed time which Charlie states is exactly what he was hoping for at this stage of her development.

Charlie was then to be found at the Central Region BD camp held at Addington Manor EC where he was imparting his much sort after knowledge as one of the trainers. The Central Region BD camp were extremely lucky to have a lecture demonstration by Charlie's trainer 2012 Olympic GB team dressage gold medal winner and 2016 Olympic GB team dressage silver medal winner, Carl Hester- what an experience!

If all of this wasn't enough, Charlie and Abi Hutton Dressage are moving. As of the 1st September this dynamic husband and wife team will be permanently based at a private yard in Oxfordshire. The pair felt that the opportunities, experience, support and knowledge received from Charlie's family at the prestigious and world renowned Talland School of Equitation have enabled them to take this exciting step.

Rachael Lane also doesn't appear to need any sleep! Bury Farm EC held 5 days of Pre Regionals and Regionals competitions with Rachael competing on each day. Day one saw Rachael and the Divas, Rosie and Millie, having a pre regional outing with two wins on Millie in the Advanced Medium scoring 74.74% and the Advanced Medium Music scoring just under 72%. Rosie scored just under 72% in both the Mediums to earn a second and third placing.

Day two, Pippa and Greg Thomas' Faye produced a super test in the novice silver to come 6th in a huge and hotly contended class. Alet however was overcome by the flowers so sadly didn't score as her potential should allow.

Day three and the beautiful Otto owned by Emma Gausden didn't let the side down. On his second ever attempt at Advanced Medium 98 he showed Alet how to behave at competitions by coming 6th in a huge class on 68.51%.

Day four and it was Rosie's Regional outing. It would appear that the night before Rosie had a chat with Alet and decided to go one better. According to Rachael "she was the Devil!"

Day five, both Otto and Millie were back to Bury Farm EC. Otto being the superstar he is won the Medium gold on 71.92% qualifying for the BD Summer Nationals, what a fantastic achievement. Then Millie having led the Advanced Medium for most of the class was pipped into 5th place.

Next on the competition agenda for Rachael was the High Profile Show also held at Bury Farm. Millie now nicknamed Beyoncé (one can only guess why), did her second ever PSG to score 66% and then the pairing won the PSG freestyle with 72.81%. Otto won the Advanced Medium Freestyle with a tremendous 75.33%. Rosie having seen the error of her ways at the Regionals decided that she no longer wanted to be called "The Devil Child" and "Angel" was far more appropriate so behaved impeccably to win Medium 69 with 69.24% and went on to come 2nd in the Medium 75 with 70.27%. Such tremendous results from riders with world class athlete fitness, drive and energy!

Sponsored Event rider and commentator extraordinaire Spencer Sturmey has been all over the world wearing his trainers hat at events and commentating, notably leg 5 of the Event Riders Masters Series at Blair Castle Equi-Trek International Horse Trials and the European Championships in Denmark. He's still managing to board an aeroplane and be seated with no other person seated next to him, no one is quite sure how this keeps happening but we can only guess!!! On a more serious note, Spencer is having his precious locks shaved off for Hannah's, Willberry Wonder Pony #kickingcancersbutt charity. His beautiful locks will be removed at Blenheim Palace International Horse Trials 8th-11th September.