Below The Belt, Wave Goodbye to the Misery of Chafing!

Comfort and style is just as important on the bottom half of our body as it is on the top half. So let's talk comfort and the often embarrassing subject of chafing!

As horse riders, at some point or possibly on a regular basis in our riding lives we have experienced the misery of a chafed and sore rear or worse a chafed and sore ‐ let's call it a front bottom for the purposes of this blog! We have had a fabulous yet challenging lesson by the sadist that is our instructor, always demanding we put more effort in/work harder/suffer sitting trot for longer, you get the picture, and we are so focused on not dying of heat exhaustion and exertion we don't realise until we dismount that our underwear has caused some serious chafing issues ‐ ouch! All we want to do is plonk our derrieres in to a bucket of ice cold water to take the all-consuming heat and pain away.

Happily, there is good news; you need not suffer your friends falling over themselves laughing at your sudden ability to walk like a cowboy/cowgirl or the totally debilitating burning sensation around your never regions! Equetech, has been producing a specialist range of underwear specifically designed to help alleviate the utter misery of chafing for over 20 years. Our UK manufactured underwear comes in several levels of protection to the front fork and the seat area with non-chafe seams for both males and females.

Our seriously comfortable "Men's Boxer Plus" has 3mm padding to the seat and front fork area in a stylish cycling short design. They have a soft binding to the leg, a seam free seat and are made from 93% cotton / 7% Lycra®.

Equetech's range of women's underwear comes in a Bikini Brief and Dressage Brief. Both the Bikini Brief and Dressage Brief come in two levels of padded protection from our "Plus" range offering high level protection to the front fork and seat area with padding throughout the front gusset and seat to the "Primo" range which offers medium front protection with padding through the front gusset only and a cotton lined seat.

The Equetech ComfyRumps, our unisex cycling short style features our plus level of protection with 4mm of padding to the seat and inner thighs.

Our padded underwear is discreet, with 3mm specialist foam in our padded range (primo and plus protection levels) giving a truly cushioned ride, without visibility. So say farewell to the debilitating misery of chafing and say hello to a comfortable cushioned ride with Equetech!