Competition Jackets - Bespoke Vs."Off The Peg"

You've decided it's time to update your competition jacket but where do you start? Most of us will quickly peruse our favourite retailers whilst on our lunch break or sneakily go online when the boss isn't looking! We search out deals and easily compare products but is this the best course to take? In some instances then definitely, yes, but when looking to buy your next competition jacket, then possibly not. The ease of online shopping has created many "Wardrobe Hoarders" an affliction for many of us horse owners where we find what is considered the bargain of the month or simply a "Must Have" item but upon delivery, it's not what was expected or it just doesn't fit/hang correctly. So, as a hard working horse owner we never seem to find the time to return the item, instead we stuff it to the back of our wardrobe out of sight of not only ourselves but mostly from our partners and then it's too late to return the item!

So, having made this potentially expensive mistake, you decide to visit your local equestrian store to try on several styles of competition jacket. This can sometimes lead to disappointment as the fit of your favourite off the peg jacket just doesn't look as good as you were hoping or the jacket that fits your form to perfection just doesn't have the level of detail you dreamed of. You could be one of the lucky ones where your dream off the peg jacket looks tailor made once on. You may find yourself wondering why only a certain brand/style works for your body type whilst others don't. Most manufactures/brands apply many years of market research and research in to the body type of the country or the market place they wish to reach and then cut patterns to these specifications. So if for example you are short/long in the arm/body, smaller/larger in the chest, narrow/wide in the hip than the standard sizing of your preferred brand, then off the peg may not be the route to take but "Custom Made" definitely will be.

Unlike some other brands, we at Equetech offer a "Custom" service. Our custom service allows you to choose your fabric, fabric colour, collar/lapel colour, collar piping, button colour and amount of buttons, lining colour, sleeve length, size and custom tailoring for example cut away jackets. So for those that like to be unique, make a statement or just wish to wear a jacket that fits correctly then the custom jacket is for you.