February Blog

Spring is only a few weeks away ‐ yippee!

With the longer, warmer days approaching, our poor horses are being trimmed, spruced and prepped as our motivation to ride and go out competing increases. We will spend endless hours at the yard giving our beloved neddies the full beauty makeover, often forgetting about ourselves until the last minute! If we applied as much attention to ourselves as we do to our horses, we'd all be turned out like supermodels! Here at Equetech, we may not be able to give you a full beauty makeover, but our new collections will give your wardrobe a makeover. However, we realise that you may just want to buy one "statement" piece rather than a whole wardrobe makeover. Therefore we've created garments that work as separates to make it possible to interweave the pieces into your existing wardrobe.

Our Spring/Summer Collection contains many new designs and simply stunning tweeds incorporating classical tailoring with contemporary design. New for Spring/Summer 2017 are the Marlow Deluxe Tweed and Hambleden Deluxe Tweed ranges, which are not only stylish but tailored to flatter all body types. We have carried both these ranges across our juniors, ridden and in-hand collection.

The shirts remain technical and versatile offering function with style. We have introduced new competition shirts for both warmer and cooler days. The new Peplum Competition Shirt is designed with the new BD rules in mind and the added bonus that it helps in hiding a not so flat tummy!

Also, new to Spring/Summer 2017 are the Jersey Competition Jacket and Jersey Dressage Tailcoat. Both these jackets epitomise timeless equestrian chic, tailored to feel like you're wearing your favourite blazer.

For those wanting to wear "something unique" we have expanded our "Custom" range. We've introduced the Custom Competition Shirt and Custom XC Shirt, so why not get creative and design yours?

For the cooler days our practical, ultra lightweight Quest Micro Quilt Jacket and Reversible Micro Gilet are ideal for training, yard duties or wearing in the warm up arena.

With our new designs and customer favourite accessories we can stylishly turn you out from top to toe. Your horse will be proud of you!

Happy riding from all of us at Equetech www.equetech.com