It's All About The Layers!

I Love layers, really, I absolutely LOVE layers! Layers are an easy way to keep warm or cool down whilst still remaining stylish. Layers afford you the ability to mix and match, therefore creating several different looks with just a few key pieces.

This season, Equetech have put together an Autumn/Winter Collection based around a complementary colour scheme using varying fabrics and textures. Each garment has been designed to harmoniously tone or sympathetically contrast within the collection, synthesizing luxurious key pieces with beautifully textured accessories. This season's key colours are classic navy and a sophisticated muted mink with accessories complementing, toning or beautifully contrasting.

As a horse owner/rider and ex fashion model, here's my guide to successful layering:-


I always start my look for the day with my breeches, deciding on which style and colour I feel like wearing and then build my outfit around them, I have to confess I am an advocate for matchy matchy not only for my horse but also for myself! The Style, cut and fit of breeches is very personal as some people prefer a high waist and others a classic waist, some of us prefer a grip seat (I most certainly do!) or breeches with a grip to the knee, self-seat or full seat but always build your outfit from your breeches. Being horse riders, aside from safety wear, breeches are one of the most essential garments you can own as comfort whilst in the saddle is paramount.


Having decided on your breeches, your next dilemma is a comfortable top which either tones, sympathetically contrasts or matches them. For colder days a roll neck is ideal and for warmer days a top with good technical wicking properties is ideal.


Having chosen your breeches and your top the next essential layer is a gilet. The gilet in my opinion is one of the most versatile purchases you can make. Again, to keep a stylish look, make sure your gilet sympathetically contrasts, tones or matches the colour of your breeches and top. The gilet is your best friend for 3 out of the 4 seasons. Ideal as a practical layer for the colder days in the spring and autumn and absolutely essential as an extra layer to help keep your core temperature stable during the cold of winter.


Add a scarf as an extra layer to help keep out the chill on the cooler/colder days. The scarf is such a versatile garment as not only does it help to keep you warm by adding a level of cosy if you opt for a cable knit type but by adding a classically styled scarf you can add a level of sophistication. The scarf is also one of the best equestrian/high street cross over accessories available.


Just like the scarf and the gilet, the headband is also an essential and versatile garment for successful layering. A headband is a stylish accessory in keeping that biting winter wind at bay, not only from your ears but by keeping hair away from your eyes. I prefer to wear my scarf and headband in a contrasting colour from the rest of my outfit, but if I've already mixed colours, then I'll pick one of those colours for my accessories. Personally I never wear more than two different colours throughout my key pieces preferring to remain more classic in style but everyone has their own style.


Lastly, for those biting, bone chilling, colder winter days add a coat with great insulating properties over your versatile gilet and scarf. As you warm up from riding and yard duties and need to remove your coat, your gilet and scarf will help keep you warm without your being over warm. To me the coat is the ultimate statement piece and the biggest expense when choosing your winter wardrobe, so it's really important to find a coat that is not only practical and cosy but stylish too.

Lastly, have I already mentioned that I ABSOUTELY LOVE LAYERS!

Stay warm and stylish this autumn/winter with Equetech.