January's Blog

Good News! Spring is only 52 days away which means that the new Equetech Spring/Summer 2016 collection will soon be here. We have some stunning new lines as well as customer favourites and we are proud to state that 40% of our products are made here in Great Britain. The Spring/Summer 2016 collection continues to bring you versatile competition; leisure and country wear for all ages, abilities and budgets. Our new collection will be available from the middle of February and we can guarantee our new lines are beautiful!

For our customers looking for something different, why not design your own cross country colours. New to the Spring/Summer collection, we have introduced a design lab which allows you to create your own unique cross country shirt and Lycra hat cover. We have continued with our hugely successful custom designed competition jackets, waistcoats and tailcoats, so give your creativity a free rein and stand out at competitions (for the right reasons!). Happy Designing.

Also new to Equetech is the "Customer Monthly Review." We'd love to hear your views on our products so the best review of the month, the reviewer will receive an Equetech Stock Pin of their choice. Please send your reviews to click here