Junior Rider Summer Attire

The schools have now broken up for the long summer holiday break heralded by exalted delight from children amidst cries of despair from parents all across the country! How to keep the little treasures amused for a whole six weeks I hear you cry! Well thankfully those that are lucky enough to have a pony will probably have a full diary of Pony Club and other equine related events to keep them amused and those not so lucky to have their own pony probably have a full schedule of events organised by the riding school or equestrian establishment they frequent. Pony Camp will be your saviour!

With a full schedule dauntingly laid out in front of you, you realise that you have so much to organise not least of all a wardrobe fit for Pony Club/Pony Camp, training clinics, days out to horse trials, County Shows and so on. You rifle through your child's wardrobe and with a sinking feeling realise that your child has spent too much time standing in a muck heap and has grown like a weed! Your child on the other hand is happily aware that a new wardrobe is coming their way.

Thankfully, Equetech has a range of junior apparel to suit most budgets, disciplines and leisure activities. On our best sellers list are the Junior Custom Cross Country Shirt and the Junior Custom Competition Shirt these are especially well received by parents as designing their own unique shirt not only keeps your child occupied and out of mischief for a little while but encourages their creativity ‐ we've had some super designs sent to us. Our range of junior jodhpurs comes in boys, girls and dinky sizes not only for competition but for everyday riding too. We have competition shirts and competition jackets to suit all disciplines with shirts starting at a child's size 20 and jackets from a size 22. We have an array of junior ties and hair accessories and also stock Pony Club ties, scrunchies and stocks. If you'd like to add a touch of fun, there is the all-important "hide the hat hair" Foxy Headband and for hat covers we have the ever popular Junior Poneez Hat Cover and Custom Hat Silks. Please visit our website for a full range of our junior apparel. Lastly, have a fun and successful summer with your child and their pony.