Making the most out of your hacking this winter!

It’s cold, it's wet and it's windy, and for lots of us, keeping motivated though the winter can be tough.  We’ve got some tips to help you make the most of your hacking this winter and finish your ride with a smile on your face.

Over the hills and far away
Hills are a great way to get your horse to work and increase both strength and conditioning, walking and trotting up hill are the best paces to improve their strength and allow them to really push from behind.

A little bit left and a little bit right
Leg yielding whilst out on a hack will not only occupy the brain (yours and theirs) but help to build suppleness through the body.

Water Training
No need to spend £ on hiring a XC course come spring time, make the most of the puddles you come across on your hack and work to build your horses confidence going through water as their confidence grows increase the size of the puddles you tackle as well as where it is safe to do so, pick up trot and canter through the puddles the ultimate XC training ready for the season ahead.

Shallow Loops
Use the natural elements you ride past to create some shallow loops, bushes and trees make the perfect markers, again shallow loops will encourage the brain to work and help with suppleness and flexibility.

Dont forget to wrap up warm when you head out to ride.  A warm pair of gloves, riding tights and socks are essential.  Check out our Winter Riding Gloves which are both water resistant and windproof and our Winter Riding Tights with their plush thermal fleece lining guaranteed to keep your warm and snug.  For the full Winter range check out the link here.