Product of the Week- Reversible Micro Gilet

Reversible Micro Gilet

It's a difficult time of year in deciding what to wear for the day. Mostly we will start the day looking like we are off for a hike in the arctic or a cold rain forest; however, by the middle of the day we are regretting our choice of attire as the day warms up. The savvier of us have learnt either from experience or logic that layering is the way forward! Therefore one of the most useful items we can have in our wardrobe is a gilet.

Equetech's Reversible Micro Gilet as the name suggests gives us two looks in one, ideal for those of us that like to change our image regularly. Depending on our mood, we can opt for the warm coral or cooler blue. This versatile Gilet is lightweight, allowing for freedom of movement, so is not only ideal for wearing around the yard but stylish enough for training or in the warm up arena at competitions. It is also a wardrobe must have for hacking and other outdoor pursuits as the lightweight yet cosy micro-down insulation allows this gilet to be packed into the small bag it comes with. This enables you to either clip it to your saddle or belt or stow it away in your handbag for the inevitable hourly UK weather changes!

Available in both Junior and Ladies this really is the gilet of the season.