Prospect of an Indian Summer

Despite the recent gloomy, damp and grey conditions all may not be lost! You may have noticed that our beloved British weather is always a topic of conversation especially our summer or usually the lack of. This year we have been graced with a fabulous June but typically as soon as the schools broke up autumn appeared to arrive. I don't know about you, but I'm horrified to see that my horses are already starting to lose their beautiful summer coats and I'm back in a fleece and my gorgeous Equetech Quest Micro Jacket, so it's not all bad!

Our warm, heady summer days may yet prove to not be a distant memory after all. No doubt as soon as the kids go back to school summer is sure to be resurrected. Maybe foolishly, I also tend to believe my husband when he tells me we will get an Indian summer. As someone that regularly flies across the Atlantic he tends to have first-hand experience on the positioning of the jet stream and is sickeningly rarely wrong about what weather we will more than likely get here in the UK. Admittedly he is just guessing about an Indian summer but over the last few years we have seen gorgeous weather in September and October, so reason would dictate we don't put our warm weather attire away just yet. In fact, with the forecast for the weekend looking good it may be prudent to invest in some more summer clothes like Equetech's Freedom Jodhpurs and wicking Competition Shirts. It's always good to shop especially for riding attire!