❤️ Reasons to love horses this Valentines ❤️

Horses are so much more than just an animal, or even a pet. They can become your best friend, your shoulder to cry on and your teacher.  They greet you each day with a whicker, will keep all of your secrets and when you feel like ranting about your day at work will offer a pair of ears and no judgement.
Here’s some reasons we think everyone should be a horse lover.
They keep you humble.
Let’s face it, your horse will tell you when you are doing something wrong, every single time, and you don’t take offence, the same can’t be said when a friend or relative points out your short comings!
They help you make friends
Horse riding is a sociable past time, and for some horse owners life long friends are created, you all have the same hobby and passion, so ‘loosing' 2 hours at the yard chatting to friends is a regular occurrence.
They teach you patience
It might take six weeks to crack a new move, establish confidence in a new environment or simply to learn to lead safely and confidently but the buzz you will get when you achieve something new with your horses for the first time will be hard to beat elsewhere! 
They help you manage your emotions
There is no room for emotion when it comes to dealing with horses so they can help yes to better stay in control of our emotions. 
They teach you dedication
You wouldn’t get up at the crack of dawn, miss family celebrations or forever be running late if you weren’t so dedicated!
They help you keep fit and healthy
It’s no walk in the park being a horse owner, riding and day to day care of your horse helps you get moving and your heart rate up.
There are many more reasons we could list, but what do you think?  Why do you love horses?