Reggie's Grand Day Out

It was a weekend of excess leg hair removal for Reggie, not Reggie's owner and Equetech MD Liz, washing and tidying of the giant 3 year olds magnificent gingerness and just general pre show day sprucing ‐ I'm sure we spend more time beautifying our horses than ourselves! His royal gingerness went from a slightly scruffy, "why can't I be a huge field ornament," to a resplendent vision befitting his incredible breeding which can be traced back to the 1600s.

So, show day dawns with an early wake up call for Reggie who has a bemused yet disgruntled "I'm not a morning person" and "what is all the fuss about" look written all over his face. He decides he won't be the most compliant 3 year old to have his forelock plaited -he's so tall currently standing at 17.2hh- so you can just picture the scene can't you, head as high as it can be held and I'm sure he was thinking "hahaha you can't reach me can you little person." Well, after much stretching and pleading, resorting in here's some treats please keep your head down, one forelock is finally plaited. Thankfully the rest of his mane was a doddle as the ginger one loves having his mane combed and fussed over. Reggie is now plaited, polished and overnight stable stains removed (remind me, why do we bother washing them before a show) and he's ready for his mobile stable to transport him in style to his next adventure.

Arriving at the showground, the ginger one felt it was necessary to display his incredible prowess and height not just whilst on 4 legs but also on 2 ‐ as if he's not tall enough already! However, as he truly is a well brought up lad he settled quickly. A call for the youngstock class was issued and Reggie was up to strut his regal stuff. In he swaggered without a care in the world until he was greeted by his old, well actually young, field friend miniature Shetland, Milo. It was almost comical to see the two friends standing next to each other all spruced and gleaming one standing at ankle biting height and the other, well just a giant of a horse, the ultimate little and large. Having his friend Milo in the class didn't put Reggie off his "A" game, In fact he performed so well he secured a well-deserved second place in a strong class of youngsters ‐ Go Reggie Go!