Riding Tights with Stretch Appeal

Let's be honest, comfort when riding features quite highly in most peoples opinion. We spend as much time as possible with our horses so when it comes to leg wear, we are always looking for a garment that is not only comfortable and attractive but allows for freedom of movement both in and out of the saddle.

With the advent of technical fabrics, leg wear for riders has evolved. Yes, we still love the classically styled breech or jodhpur but we are also discovering the many virtues of the riding tight. With many of us loving the relaxed feel and freedom of movement the humble legging affords us, it was perhaps no surprise, innovative designers like Equetech's MD and Head Designer Liz Hayman, brought us a robust equestrian variant of the legging - the Riding Tight.

You may be horror filled at the thought of wearing a legging type style of jodhpur believing it's a garment only suited to those lucky enough to have a super model physique, but this simply isn't the case. Equetech's riding tights are designed for all body types with shape retentive lycra ensuring a flattering and comfortable fit. Adding to rider comfort is the riding tight is nearly always pull-on in design. With clever designing of seams, waistbands and coloured panels creating an extremely flattering image, these sporty microfiber jodhpurs are a definite for any discerning equestrian.