The Working Rider, How to Fit Riding in to Your Life.

According to government statistics the average weekly working hours for full time workers is 37.5 hours a week, feels like much more doesn't it! So, if you are a full time worker with a passion for horses, how do you fit riding in to your life? As a horse owner, finding the time to juggle a full time job and look after your horse(s) which is essentially an extremely fulfilling but unpaid part time job is definitely not easy, especially if you have a long suffering non-horsey partner.

Whether you are a leisure rider or competition rider, your beloved equine will always come first. Those precious moments with your horse make those 5am starts so you can ride before work mostly worthwhile or so you convince yourself! Your colleagues struggle to understand why you don't join them for after work leisure activities as they simply cannot understand your equine addiction. They also try, mostly without success, to not appear rude whilst keeping their distance from you, as no matter how hard you try you will invariably sport a hay infused hairstyle with eau de ammonia cologne/perfume. Once your means to be able to keep your all consuming passion ends for the day, off to the stables you go to either ride, if the 5am start is not for you, or just to spend quality time with your horse unwinding after your working day.

So, in order to be able to spend that all important quality time with the most important factor in your life, sorry to break it to you long suffering partners it's not you, then a livery yard offering the facilities and services to make your life easier is the only answer. There are many livery yards offering a comfortable home for your horse, some are more luxurious than your own home offering a level of order and tidiness you can only dream of and others are a little more rustic. Ultimately, you will choose a yard that is the best fit for your horse and if it's outside of your budget, you will probably work overtime and eat baked beans on toast so your four legged furry can have only the best!