Unleash Your Creativity with Equetech's Custom Competition Shirt

Recognising the new trend for unique equestrian apparel, we at Equetech have embraced our customers love for creativity. Following on from the hugely successful Custom XC Shirt and Custom Hat Silk, both still available, new for this year we bring you the Custom Competition Shirt.

As with the Custom XC Shirt, the Custom Competition Shirt comes in both adult and junior sizes. The front of the shirt is a classically designed stock shirt with a ¼ zip and ratcatcher collar and capped sleeves. The main body is in white but this is where the standard design of the shirt ends, the back panel of the shirt is where you can unleash your creativity! With four different back panel options to choose from; pinstripe and name design, scatter hearts with name, scatter stars with name and lastly the image design, an ideal platform to exhibit your favourite photo thereby creating a truly unique and personal shirt. For company owners/sponsored riders the back panel can also display your company name and logo delivering an awareness of your business whilst you are enjoying your passion. With the front panel in plain white this shirt is perfect for dressage, showjumping and eventing but dare to show your creativity once your jacket/waistcoat is removed!