Upgrade Your Look on a budget- Accessories to Liven up Your Existing Equestrian Outfit.

It's common place to believe that to enhance our equestrian wardrobe we have spend lots of money. Well, thankfully this doesn't have to be so. All we really need to do is make minor adjustments to our existing wardrobe by adding on-trend accessories.

A statement belt can make all the difference not only to your competition outfit but to your training and non-riding outfits. For a classic look whilst competing, choose a belt that tones or matches with the main block colour of your jacket and one with an interesting buckle design. If competition rules allow and you have a penchant for standing out from the crowd, pick out the colour of the piping/lining/collar/pocket flaps of your jacket and add a belt in that colour. For a Tweed jacket, whether it's for competition, a countryside pursuit or a trip to the city, choose a colour from the over check and add a belt in that preferred colour. A well-chosen belt can alter the overall look of any outfit.

The timeless style of a scarf is the ultimate cross over item adding year round sophistication to any outfit. Team with your favourite jeans and tweed jacket to create a stunning non riding country look, add your equestrian themed scarf to everyday wear to enhance or change the overall image or simply keep your neck warm in style.

With many different types of headwear on the market, there's always a style to suit any occasion. The knitted beanie with an on-trend bobble (Equetech only use faux fur) makes a cosy yet fun accessory. A waxed hat/cap is a stylish yet essential garment to own with the great British weather! Let's not forget the humble headband, an ideal accessory for hiding "hat hair," keeping ears warm and keeping hair out of eyes. This versatile accessory can be teamed with most equestrian outfits and I even wear my faux fur one away from the equestrian environment with numerous compliments!

So, being on-trend, enhancing your equestrian wardrobe and everyday wardrobe with a few crossover pieces really doesn't have to break the bank, just accessorise, accessorise, accessorise!