6 Reasons Why Equetech Waterproof Riding Clothes Are Worth Buying 

In this blog, we share six reasons why Equetech waterproof riding clothes are worth buying. Whether you are looking to update your waterproof clothing or want to plan ahead for future purchases, this is the blog, especially for you!


 1. It's Made By Riders For Riders

Yes, our Designer, Liz Hayman, rides all year round and has her horses on DIY. This means, like us, she's outside in all weathers, both in and out of the saddle, so you can rest assured if we say it's waterproof, it's waterproof.

2. We Are Transparent About Our Waterproof Ratings

Unlike some companies who 'wash' over just how waterproof a garment is - we don't. Our waterproof ratings are clear and transparent, so you know if a garment is water resistant or waterproof in the heaviest rain. We know that matters to equestrians. After all, no one likes getting wet and cold!
3. You Can Stay Outside For Longer

Yes, we know none of us wants to stay outside for longer, but you know that poo-picking chore you have to do? How annoying if it starts throwing it down and you're only mid-field poo-picked. Finish the job in the dry and save yourself another trip back to the yard to change and return to the job— Time-saving winter riding clothing you'll love. Our Hydro-Rider Long Waterproof Coat will keep you dry and comfortable in all weather.
4. Waterproof Riding Clothes Help Keeps Away The Chill 

Our waterproof riding clothes are not only waterproof but also windproof. For example, our Utopia Waterproof Riding Coat is your perfect partner for riding in the gale-force wind and torrential rain. We agree this weather is never nice riding weather, but staying dry and warm with taped waterproof seams, high zip necks, and inner cuffs are all helpful design details to keep you dry and warm.
5. Water Repellent & Dust Repellent

We love yard life but taking half the stable bedding and hay barn home in the car isn't something we love so much, so our waterproof clothing is also dust repellent. Our fleece-lined Aqua Shield Winter Riding Tights are easy to keep clean with their water-resistant coating. This helps prevent dirt and debris from sticking to your clothing and can easily be brushed off with a stiff clean dandy brush before stepping into the car. The same might not be said for your yard boots and socks, but no one is perfect.
6. Aches & Pains Be Gone!

There's a lot to be said for keeping warm and dry, especially if you suffer from aches and pains. Weather-induced joint pain can be helped by keeping active, dry, and warm. Choose waterproof riding clothing to help keep you comfortable throughout the winter. Our Reversible Waterproof Riding Skirt is great as an additional layer to your everyday riding tights. And for extra toastiness, don't forget your warm winter fleece-lined breeches


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