Don't get caught out by the rain, be prepared for wet weather this summer!

Remember that heatwave? Seems like summer came early this year, but with a handful of hot days being a distant memory, and plenty of muggy wet days ahead of us, we need to be prepared for whatever the British weather throws at us!

With so many showers interspersed with bouts of heavy rain, then sun, we find ourselves laying up and stripping off throughout the day! Clothing choices can be a complete headache!

Never fear, Equetech have it covered with this year’s new, innovative, featherweight jacket – The Equetech Hack-a-Mac!

The Equetech Hack-a-Mac has been designed for summer showers, where a durable shell is required, without getting hot and bothered. 

Please do not mistake this coat for a cheap pack-a-mac! This is a state-of-the-art garment, designed for functionality and wearability in mind! In this kind of weather, it’s wise to choose a versatile jacket for riding, cycle or running. The right jacket should keep parts of you dry and warm and yet not overheat you!

Whether you’re on your morning commute, horse riding, cycling or running, this showerproof jacket is a must have for anyone’s wardrobe!  Designed for feel like you are wearing nothing but can keep you dry during heavy bouts of rain!

It might be the English summer, but a good waterproof jacket can serve you well, all year round! 

If you spend any time outdoors in the UK, chances are that at some point it’s going to rain, especially during the autumn, when wet days substantially increase.
However, this doesn’t mean we all have to boycott riding and stay indoors! Having the right gear can turn riding in the rain from a sodden trudge into an adventure, as well as allowing you to plan longer rides all year round.

What makes the Hack-a-Mac stand out from the crowd? 
  • Cheap waterproofs are not breathable, meaning that the trapped moisture will quickly become uncomfortable. This jacket is completely breathable, with no noise (important around horses), as well as weighing next to nothing! 
  • Stretch mesh vents are positioned on the underside of each sleeve, for complete ventilation, very important during all sports activities. 
  • Packs into its own pocket! There is nothing more frustrating that loosing a packable jacket bag, rendering the jacket unpackable. The Hack-a-Mac will never have this problem, as it simply fits into its own chest pocket. When unpacked, the pocket serves as a usual size pocket for a mobile phone, keys or change. 
  • Clip it on – A simple small clip is positioned on the inside of the pocket, so when packed, it can be easily attached to a saddle, bicycle or belt. 
  • High neck collar design, to keep the elements out!
These jackets are new for 2020 and available in ladies and children’s sizes, from only £36.75! If you are looking for equestrian fashion with innovative style, look no further!