Would I Wear A Pair Of Riding Tights?

This was the question that our Designer Liz Hayman put to herself when she first thought about designing our first pair of riding tights, and her initial answer to wearing a pair was 'No'!

Why? Liz Explains;

"I just didn't love what was on the market, and they just didn't love me either! I discovered slippery see-through fabrics that highlighted each lump and bump and became see-through whenever you bent over and silicon that was so grippy - you were literally stuck to the saddle!!!"

" With anything I design, I set out to create a solution to a problem and for me, riding tights were a problem!"

Liz set out to do something different and better. Liz sought to design the perfect riding tights for every rider with her experience as both a rider and clothing designer with a particular interest in activewear.

"We know that one size does not fit all, but I do believe one style should work for all. Our riders are all shapes and sizes and so designing riding tights that worked for all was something I was passionate about."

After months of working on the design, listening to the rider's feedback and adapting and tweaking the garment, our first pair of riding tights were realised, in the stylish form of the Inspire Riding Tights.

"To be honest, even I was surprised at how quickly they sold out! I knew they would be popular but never envisaged how quickly they would be picked up by our customers - I was utterly delighted!"

This season, Liz has introduced three new styles to the summer collection;

The Revolution Riding Tights, a sports-luxe hybrid of the Inspire, complete with technical details such as a laser-cut airflow detail to the leg for cool summer riding. And two limited edition styles; The Botanical & The Tropics Luxe Riding Tights.

"Both the Botanicals and the Tropics Riding Tights were designed amid the pandemic. I was really yearning for some sunshine and dreaming of a holiday in the Caribbean, just to get away from all the doom and gloom! The prints I created were a reflection of this wishful thinking; beautiful colourful blooms on the Botanicals and an exotic leaf print on the Tropics."

"I carefully placed the bold Botanical print on the outside of the leg to flatter all rider's leg shapes. However, you’ll see it doesn't take up the whole side of the leg; I've moved the print slightly further back to give the impression of a longer leg (exactly what we all strive for in the saddle!)."

"The Tropics Luxe Riding Tights were a flattering combination of charcoal and slate grey, so whilst the print is bold, the placement of the leaves soften the overall look with their soft curves and precision placement within the pattern. In addition, you'll see that there are large elements of a plain backdrop within the design; this was purposeful in creating a flattering print we could all enjoy and feel confident wearing!"

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