What are Waterproof Riding Clothes? 

When it comes to finding waterproof riding clothes, choosing the right garment can leave your head in a spin! We've compiled some facts to help you make the right decision when it comes to choosing the best waterproof riding jacket or waterproof riding trousers. Find out more...

Don't get caught out by the rain, be prepared for wet weather this summer!

Remember that heatwave? Seems like summer came early this year, but with a handful of hot days being a distant memory, and plenty of muggy wet days ahead of us, we need to be prepared for whatever the British weather throws at us! With so many showers interspersed with bouts of heavy rain, then sun, we find ourselves laying up and stripping off throughout the day! Clothing choices can be a complete headache!

12 Things To Add Sparkle To Your Day

Add some sparkle to your day (and outfit) with 12 'gems' to beat those extended lockdown date blues. Sparkle and shine with this gorgeous tee on your Zoom Call now with our Crystal Embellished Horse Tee. Luxe never felt so comfortable. Equestrian clothing for all occasions.

6 Looks To Rock Your Zoom Video Calls During COVID-19

Whether it's making your mum smile, joining friends for a Zoom cocktail hour or impressing your boss with your 'on point' work outfit call, the Equetech Team show you how you can rock your equestrian wardrobe during COVID-19 lockdown.

8 Items Of Horsey Clothing You Can Wear During Self-Isolation

We share the love for 8 Equetech items you can wear at home during self-isolation right now and then enjoy, once the lockdown is lifted and we can all get back down the stables and start riding our horses again! 

The 13 Best YouTube Equestrian Videos To Cheer Yourself Up During Self-Isolation

If you're anything like us, our horses are our world, so not being able to see or spend real quality time with our beloved equine friends is going to be tough but necessary. So, to get our horsey fix, we've compiled 11 of our favourite YouTube equestrian videos to help you learn, laugh and enjoy! 

The History of the Riding Stock 

The first cravat style stock tie, was originally called the ‘steinkirk’. It was a cravat with long hanging ends loosely twisted together in the late 17th century, worn by men and women. This was a kind of uniform, allowing the upper-class gentlemen to express their wealth in detail. At the same time, another stock tie was also worn, originally by French and German foot soldiers at the end of the seventeenth century.  By the early eighteenth century, this military stock tie had been adopted by civilians and replaced the Steinkirk style cravat.  This military stock, consisted of a piece of white muslin folded into a narrow band, wound once or twice around the neck and fastened at the neck with tap...

Unravelling the Mystery of Tweed

History of tweed Tweed was originally developed in the Outer Hebrides, it was created by crofters that used the wool from their sheep, to shield them from the brutal Scottish winters.  Tweed was exceptionally popular with farmers and land owners when they were over seeing their lands as it was warmer, comfortable and to an extent waterproof.  They would use their ‘Hack’ to ride and check over the estate, hence the hacking jacket. Tweed is in fact a typo made by a Merchant in London, the Scottish actually referred to it as ‘tweel’, which stems from the Scottish word for twill due to the structure and manner in which it was made. But the Londoner had no clue about this and thought the nam...

Staying Warm and Dry in Winter with Equetech 

Fundamentally staying comfortable, warm and dry, whilst riding and doing yard duties in our British climate, is at the top of our list of priorities for most horse riders heading into Autumn and winter! We discuss top tips with British Equestrian Brand designer, Liz Hayman.  "It is simple, but many of us get it wrong!  If you’re heading to the yard, waterproof gear is essential, especially in the UK. Whether you are training or competing, outdoor weather can be unpredictable! Waterproof and breathable fabrics will keep you dry and comfortable, which we can all agree is pretty important in horse riding. With this in mind, we have created a comprehensive guide on waterproof versus water-resistant, as well on tips...

Championship Styling!

In this blog, we glean some tips from Liz Hayman, MD of British equestrian clothing brand Equetech for her top tips on making the right impression when it comes to your outfit, regardless of the equestrian discipline. "Dressage Queen If you're looking to impress the judges as you head down the centre line, then make sure you create a fantastic first impression by having a neat and tidy appearance. A well-fitted jacket not only looks aesthetically pleasing, but it will make you feel more confident and allow you to focus on your riding if it's comfortable and non-restrictive. I spend a considerable amount of time researching technical fabrics for our clothing and competition wear is no exception. I look for fabric p...

Made for Men – Men's Breeches & Jodhpurs Guide

So we asked our Designer Liz Hayman for her tips on finding the best breeches for guys... "Men look great in a competition jacket, shirt or blouson. But all of the above are nothing if your bottom half looks a bit neglected. They are the connection to the saddle, the supportive and protective layer. The most important part of your riding attire… Men’s Breeches." "Essentially, you need great breeches to perform your best in the saddle, and it’s trickier than you might think. To help you get your men’s breeches spot on, we’ve given you our buyers guide on all things breeches, to give you the final word on fabric, colour, quality, fit and discipline. You should never settle for po...

The Ashridge Jacket - the real all rounder!

Want a jacket that is a true all rounder? A jacket you can dress up with a gorgeous scarf for a day out with the family.  Or simply wear as it is, and stay warm and comfortable for a day of yard activities. The colour palette of purple has a variety of effects on the mind and body, including uplifting spirits, calming the mind and nerves and encouraging imagination and creativity - and it looks good too.  Our Ashridge Jacket is available in a gorgeous Mulberry colour in sizes XS through to 3XL. The Ashridge Jacket  is super lightweight.  A padded country sports jacket with bio-down insulation, enabling you to pack it into the smallest space! Perfect for the school run on a cold morning, or everyday at...