Championship Styling!

In this blog, we glean some tips from Liz Hayman, MD of British equestrian clothing brand Equetech for her top tips on making the right impression when it comes to your outfit, regardless of the equestrian discipline.

"Dressage Queen
If you're looking to impress the judges as you head down the centre line, then make sure you create a fantastic first impression by having a neat and tidy appearance. A well-fitted jacket not only looks aesthetically pleasing, but it will make you feel more confident and allow you to focus on your riding if it's comfortable and non-restrictive. I spend a considerable amount of time researching technical fabrics for our clothing and competition wear is no exception. I look for fabric performance and an easy-care label (the majority of our competition jackets are machine washable and non-crease). I use the fabric as my baseline inspiration for creating beautiful competition wear that is easy to wear and care for. If you are looking to incorporate bling then keep it tasteful and discrete. Remember the judges are looking at you and your horse and don't want to be blinded by bling! Choose a jacket style that flatters your shape. 

Showing Off In Showjumping
Choose a colour which compliments your horse. If you plan on wearing the jacket for any other disciplines, choose a subtler colour and check your rule books before you make a purchase. 

Shorter jackets are a big trend but make sure they suit your figure before you buy. Softshell fabrics are also popular, but buyer beware if you have curves. Personally, I am not a huge fan, as they tend to show every lump and bump, whereas a tailored, well-constructed jacket will give you a very nice outline and last a long time. Our tailored jackets feature enough stretch to provide you with comfort and freedom of movement, without looking like you are bursting out of your jacket! Our Jersey Deluxe Competition Jacket is the perfect cross-over jacket for riders who compete in both showjumping and dressage. Because it's styled in a durable knitted Ponte fabric with Lycra, it’s got fantastic stretch and shape retention. Choose a jacket with these properties, and you'll have a jacket which will last many seasons to come (and hopefully many more championships!). Choose a technical competition shirt with pretty details such as lace panels, crystal embellishment which is revealed when you remove your jacket. A subtle style detail you'll love.

Show Me The Way
Just as fashion trends change, so do equestrian competition clothing trends, and the showing world is no different. Pale green is a new colour for the show-ring and a shade we find compliments all skin tones. Team this flattering shade with a navy tie with gold spots, and you have a delightful look fit for a champion! 
Complimenting your horse's colouring is something that when done well, can look outstanding. A hint of gold on a palomino, for example, can look stunning and our Adstock Tweed brings together a lilac and navy through an over check presented on a soft green herringbone tweed. This pretty tweed has been showcased in both our in-hand and ridden garments and not only offers something different but is also proving popular amongst more traditional tastes. Go for stylish without veering too far off track for this discipline.

When it comes to your competition shirt, opt for 21st Century technology with breathable and wicking properties to ensure you keep your cool under pressure and under those indoor lights!! Our Waffle Show Shirt is hugely popular amongst show riders, offering technical fabric performance and comfort without compromising on tradition. Choose a shirt with a stiff, traditional collar and finish with a quality silk tie, tied neatly. For those riders who are not great at ties - our zip ties are already tied, you simply zip on and go! 
As with other disciplines, show riders are now starting to ride more in technical breeches. As these are incredibly hard to find for the show ring, so we decided to create our own! Our Regency Breeches combine silicone grip knee patches for excellent sticking power with a stretch. The key to a winning style in showing is that you don't stray too far from classical showing attire. 

Good luck with your championships and we hope to have given you all some winning style tips!"