Made for Men – Men's Breeches & Jodhpurs Guide

So we asked our Designer Liz Hayman for her tips on finding the best breeches for guys...

"Men look great in a competition jacket, shirt or blouson. But all of the above are nothing if your bottom half looks a bit neglected. They are the connection to the saddle, the supportive and protective layer. The most important part of your riding attire… Men’s Breeches."

"Essentially, you need great breeches to perform your best in the saddle, and it’s trickier than you might think.

To help you get your men’s breeches spot on, we’ve given you our buyers guide on all things breeches, to give you the final word on fabric, colour, quality, fit and discipline. You should never settle for poorly fitting breeches, and now you don’t have to."

Pay attention to fabrics
"When you're investing in your breeches, there are fabrics for different disciplines and fit. For example, if comfort is your thing, a high cotton content with Lycra or spandex is a must. If you’re looking for a harder wearing breech, look at denim breeches or a woven fabric, rather than a knitted fabric. It has a firmer finish and will withstand the test of time.”

Fit is everything
"Fit is crucial because however well-made your breeches are, if they don't fit you will, never wear them. Look inside the breeches to make sure the seat seam is flat for comfort and strength. If the seams are not flat then the outside seams do not lie properly. Make sure the pocket linings and of good quality and deep enough. There is nothing worse than shallow pockets!”

We shouldn’t forget the waistbands
"Good quality men’s breeches, like all Men’s Equetech breeches, benefit from a stiffer elasticated waistband, curved metal fly zip, hand finished fly. This gives a better fit and finish, and it’s better on the waist. Consider the weather… A wider or high waist is preferable in colder climates, to protect your kidneys and to tuck your thermals into!” 

Pleats have their place
"Pleated breeches are much more accommodating around the middle region, especially when you are in the saddle. I find that most men look better in pleats, for a more flattering outline and comfortable seat.”

Contemplating the Cuffs
“The finish of the cuff can make or break the fit and comfort of your breeches. Consider the closure types, such as Velcro, Lycra and silicone grip.”

Simply Strapping
“The mind boggles at the knee strapping available within men’s breeches and jodhpur designs. Consider the discipline you are using your breeches for. If you need more manoeuvrability in the saddle, avoid very grippy silicone and stick to traditional fabrics or suede. If you are hunting, you may prefer a more traditional look, whereas dressage, you are looking for stickability, so a full seat may be preferable