Thinking of heading out Hunting this season? We give you the lowdown on ettiquette

If you have no experience of hunting, you are likely to have lots of questions about what to wear, how to turn out your horse and generally how to behave - going hunting for the first time can be a fantastic experience so we have created our is 'Beginners Guide to Hunting' to help you through your 'first time'

Hunting etiquette generally can be considered under three main headings: safety, good manners and turnout, we will walk you three each of the areas.

When thinking about turnout you are aiming to look tidy and inconspicuous. A tweed jacket, fawn breeches, a white shirt with a tie, black boots and a velvet cap or jockey skull with a dark silk will be a good start.

Your horse and tack should be clean and, unless you have specifically been told otherwise, you should plait the horse’s mane.  Keep your saddle cloth colours to browns and blacks and if you do decide to opt for boots for your horse, opt for dark colours.

If your horse is new to hunting, you should tie a green ribbon in his or her tail. If it might kick, tie a red ribbon. In any event, keep your distance from other horses and from hounds, you will quickly become very unpopular if your horse kicks one of the hounds! 

For your own safety and the safety of others, always do what the field master says. “Hold Hard!” means “Stop now. And don’t move until I tell you.”

Good Manners
“Good morning, master” is the safest way to greet the Hunt Master. In fact, “good morning” is what you should to everybody, a friendly smile, nod and a hello will show good manners to everyone you come across.

Some hunts operate an official system of hunting nannies, aimed to stop newcomers feeling anxious or guilty about spoiling someone’s day by tagging along behind them so it might be worth asking your hunt if they do this if you feel particularly worried.

And don't forget HAVE FUN!
That’s it. You have negotiated your first day’s hunting, made friends, watched hounds work, and had an amazing adventure!  Hunting can be a fabulous way to see the countryside, make new friends, and let off some steam with your horse, don't feel scared, contact your local secretary and you will be welcomed with open arms.

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