12 Things To Add Sparkle To Your Day

Add some sparkle to your day (and outfit) with 12 'gems' to beat those extended lockdown date blues.

1 Scatter Horse Tee
Sparkle and shine with this gorgeous tee on your Zoom Call now with our Crystal Embellished Horse Tee. Luxe never felt so comfortable.

2 Swarovski Crystal Button Set
Got some extra time on your hands and some crafty initiative? Then this gorgeous genuine Swarovski Crystal Button Set is perfect for updating your current competition jacket or adding some sparkle to a cardi! And they are currently in our sale! 

3 Alexa Competition Shirt
For bling in the ring, this gorgeous Competition Shirt features technical stretch fabric with super sparkly crystal snap buttons to the front. 

4 Crystal Bun Net
If you've not taken things into your own hands with the kitchen scissors, your hair might love this Crystal Bun Net for keeping it neat and tidy and of course sparkly! 

5 Pearl & Horseshoe Stock Pin
This beautiful stock should bring you luck when the competition season returns. Featuring faux water pearl to the centre and crystal horseshoes, this Stock Pin is everything and more!

6 Childs 'Hold My Heart' Horse Tee
Something for your pony-mad little ones with this stunning Crystal T-Shirt features a gorgeous horse and heart design that will make you all smile!

7 Pelham Lace Competition Shirt
Lace, equestrian styling and bling? Yes Please! Our beautiful new Competition Shirt merely is stunning with its crystal buttons and to the back the floral corded lace shoulder panels and crystal snaffle. We say; why wait to wear till competition time when you can rock this with jeans during lockdown!

8 Hair Scrunchies
Velvet and crystal bling for our hair? Yes, with these gorgeous hair Scrunchies. Available in black and white with beautiful crystal embellishment on a luxe Velvet Hair Scrunchie.

9 Rock Crystal Magnetic Stock Pin
This highly magnetic rock of a Crystal Stock Pin is filigree edged in silver and attaches using a strong magnet. Perfect for your stock or jacket lapel

10 Moonlight Dressage Competition Jacket
Have you tried on your competition wear during lockdown? If you haven't, now's a good time to see if its in good repair and fits well. Our Moonlight Dressage Competition Jacket  is divine with its crystal button detail and beautifully subtle crystal detail on the faux waistcoat tips.

11 Thea Deluxe Ready-Tied Stock -
This stunning handmade Ready Tied Stock is perfect for easy and style. Featuring a cubic bling detail, it will ensure you shine in the dressage arena!

12 Crystal Knit Headbands
Stylish equestrians love our Knit Headbands, and this gorgeous version complete with crystal embellishment detail is one item you are going to enjoy all year round. Wear for those chilly early summer show mornings and take the edge off that autumnal chill.

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