5 Rider Confidence Tips For Summer Fun With Your Horse

We spoke to our Sponsored Dressage Rider, Amy Stovold, to ask her to share five rider confidence tips for summer fun with your horse. Amy has successfully trained horses from young novice horses to Grand Prix, and her clients range from grassroots to professional riders.

Schools Out For Summer

Take your schooling out of the confines of the arena. You don't have to be in the arena to teach your horse how to leg yield, ride shoulder-in or develop your medium canter. I often incorporate some schooling in my hacking - it gives you both a change of scene and is a great way to encourage a tense or spooky horse to focus on your aids.

Get Some Competition Confidence In Familiar Surroundings

Try some online competitions if you don't feel ready to box up and compete with your horse. Riding dressage tests at home or trying some online showing competitions can be a great way to fine-tune your riding and build confidence without a competitive atmosphere.

Ground Control

Summer is perfect for incorporating some in-hand or liberty work with your horse. With longer daylight hours, teaching your horse some new skills from the ground will help you build a stronger partnership and improve your ridden work. 

Great Explorers

Try something new with your horse. Whether it's exploring new hacking routes, riding on the beach or trying a new discipline or activity - do something different together with your horse to strengthen your bond even more.

Carry On Camping

Stable away from home. Taking your horse away from home and staying away at a show, clinic or on a short break is a fabulous way to build your confidence together. Choose a trip that is the perfect fit for you and your horse, and watch your confidence and partnership soar to new heights.

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