8 Of The Best Rider Fitness Videos On YouTube

We've collated the very best rider fitness videos on YouTube for your viewing pleasure during the lockdown. Limber up and get ready to prepare your mind and body for peak performance when you return to the saddle.

Rider Exercises With A Medicine Ball

If you already have a medicine ball at home, this is a brilliant video for talking through some gentle exercises that you can even do at your desk if you are working from home.

The Ultimate Core Exercise For Dressage Riders

Step by step, this video shows us how to perform 'the plank correctly'. A simple exercise, which if done correctly, will help improve your stability and core strength.

Yoga For Equestrians | Yoga With Adriene

We really enjoy working out to this video at home, even though some of us are entirely new to yoga. Relaxing and productive!

Hip Mobility For Horse Riders

A great video focused on improving your hip mobility with just a mat and a band. We only wish we were as flexible as Rebecca, who takes us through this short but super informative video.

Equestrian Pilates Video 4: Rider Exercises In Walk, Trot & Canter On The Gym Ball

Something completely different but a video which made so much sense and even though we can't ride our horses right now, its brilliant practice to keep you supple!

How To: Stretches for Equestrians

We all know we should, but many of us don't stretch before and after we ride. This video shares some basic exercises you can practice at home, so you can maintain good habits when you do get back down the yard.

Equestrian Workout | Exercises for Horse Riders

For those who want to exercise in the garden or out on their daily run, this high-intensity work out features five simple exercises you can try.

Developing Core Strength For The Horse Rider Part 1

This series of four videos focuses on developing core strength and balance and focuses on the different areas of the body. Taking you through each exercise to help you improve your rider fitness and flexibility. 

Remember to warm-up and cool down and don't push yourself beyond your ability. Watching online exercise videos is a fun way to keep motivated while stuck at home. However, it's essential to choose the right level of workout for you. Avoid any exercises that cause pain or discomfort and choose to work out to videos that suit your physical health and can be performed safely within your current environment.