With the current government advice, avoiding the crowds will hopefully help stem the coronavirus outbreak. But, what we can do to keep ourselves and our horses entertained, when competing and clinics are off the agender and self-isolation could mean even less physical content with each other at the yard?  In this blog, we share eight ways you can keep busy with a positive focus. 
1. Find some new pole work floor plans. There are some great video tutorials on Facebook, IGTV (Instagram videos) and YouTube. Our Pinterest Polework Exercises Board gives plenty of inspiration for riders wanting to inject a new lease of life into their pole work.

Set yourself weekly goals to achieve, so that when competition season is in sight, you and your horse are ready to go.
3. Spring clean. You might have more time on your hands, so now is the time to give your yard a good clean, tidy -up and re-paint where necessary. 
4. Get your kit ready. Now is the time to check that all your tack and competition gear fits well, is up to date and safe to use this season. 
5. Get your air jacket and other equipment serviced, where possible or add them to your to-do list, so you don't forget to get these crucial aspects sorted. 
6. Practise your dressage moves out hacking (if were allowed out). Use those half-halts and perfect that lateral work away from the confines of your arena.
7. Shop online and get it delivered directly to your doorstep. We offer free UK delivery over £40 and free next day delivery for orders over £60, so share those must-have, lust after goodies with your horsey friends by setting up a Whatsapp group. You can all keep in touch on horsey news and share the latest offers as well as supporting local businesses wherever possible.

8. Sign up to virtual events such as dabbling in dressage with Dressage Anywhere. We are proud sponsors of their 2020 online Championships. No need for transport! Video your test and submit it. There are also some fantastic prizes to be won (courtesy of Equetech!), and you also get great feedback from top judges. There is even a BD qualifier!

AND you can even wear your competition gear (as long as your horse is wearing boots or bandages) so you can still plait and have a dress rehearsal in any new items you buy too!
8.  Practice makes perfect- take a look through a few different dressage tests and some above your normal level and try practising some new moves. Not only will this give you and your horse something new to try, but will also hold you in good stead for success in the arena when we can all go back out to compete
We won't be beaten this season. Bring on the good weather, and as a supportive community, we can get through this!