Beat the boredom - We may have to self isolate from the Coronavirus!

Staying home will stem the coronavirus outbreak, but what if you’re healthy — bored and an equestrian? 

In recent days, many employers have asked employees to start working remotely, or announcing that schools might get cancelled? Will events be cancelled for weeks in light of the Coronavirus? 

In many cases, the action is prophylactic — no one at work or school may be sick yet — though with each passing day, more of these decisions are being made in response to the growing number of cases of Covid-19, or the risk that contact with large groups of people could exacerbate transmission of the virus.

The closures are a way to enforce social activity, a crucially important public health intervention that can help stop coronavirus transmission by avoiding crowds and large gatherings such as weddings, concerts, business conferences, sporting events, and travelling. Best practice requires maintaining at least a six-foot distance between yourself and others. 
To that end, the CDC is now advising all gatherings of more than 50 people to stop for the next eight weeks. But what will this mean for horse riders? 

We have come up with some top tips on breaking the boredom, should we all become more isolated this season. 

1.Find the latest pole work floor plans. There are some great video tutorials on Facebook, IGTV (Instagram videos) and You Tube
2. Perfect your flatwork with online videos (if your instructor cannot come to you).
Set yourself weekly goals to achieve, so that when competitions are in sight, you are ready to go.
3. Spring clean. Give your yard a good clean, and paint where necessary.
4. Get your kit ready. Check all your gear fits well, is up to date and safe to use this season. 
5. Get your air jacket and other equipment serviced. 
6. Practise your transitions on hacks (if were allowed out). 
7. Virtual shop direct to your door. Contact them with the latest offers and delivery services, supporting your local business where possible.

8. Sign up to virtual events such as Dressage Anywhere. We are proud sponsors of the 2020 Championship. This is a Worldwide dressage competitions platform, that works completely online. No need for transport! Simply video your test and submit it. There are some fantastic prizes to be won (courtesy of Equetech), and you get great feedback from top judges. There is even a BD qualifier!

8. Practise makes perfect – Take a look at your test sheet remarks, practise and perfect your moves for success in the arena, so when you go out and compete, you are ready for the ribbons! 
We won’t be beaten this season. Bring on the good weather!